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  1. The Chilean Constitutional Process as a Transdisciplinary Endeavor

    The Chilean Constitutional Process as a Transdisciplinary Endeavor: A Voice from Women in Politics

    The Werklund Office of internationalization hosted a session in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts featuring Werklund's Gabriela Alonso-Yanez and Hector Turra.

    The Chilean people voted by a vast majority in a constitutional referendum on October 25, 2020, to initiate a process to rewrite their constitution. Among issues likely to be at the forefront of this democratic participation process is recognizing Chile's Mapuche indigenous population as active political actors in the country.

    In this presentation, Hector Turra, a graduate student at the Werklund School of Education and current member of the No-Neutrals independent movement, Eva Caurapán, will discuss the constitutional process development in Chile. In this conversation, Mr. Turra and Ms. Caurapán will describe the grassroots initiatives led by the constituency members, including the Mapuche perspective on transdisciplinary learning and co-production of participatory political knowledge in Chile.

    There is no recording for this event

Werklund School of Education and The Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University present a Global Dialogue – Education in the Shared World

  1. Global Dialogue - Education in the Shared World - Part I

    Presenters: Drs. Barbara Brown & Michele Jacobsen (Werklund School of Education, UCalgary), Professor Guoyuan Sang (Beijing Normal University) 

    Title: Advancing Faculty Development and Graduate Supervision Online

  2. Global Dialogue - Education in the Shared World – Part II

    Presenters: Dr. Soroush Sabbaghan (Werklund School of Education, UCalgary) and Dr. Ahmed Tlili (Beijing Normal University) 

    Dr. Sabbaghan’s presentation title: From replication to transformation: Drawing from Universal Design for learning to inform the next generation of online course design

    Dr. Tlili’s presentation title: Application of Universal Design (UD) to increase accessibility of open education for learners with disabilities 

  3. Global Dialogue - Education in the Shared World Part III

    Presenters: Dr. Xu Zhao (Werklund School of Education, UCalgary), Drs. LIN Ke and ZHANG Huajun (Beijing Normal University) 

    Title: How are the goals of education implicitly and explicitly defined in China and Canada?

  1. Disability through the Disabled Lens: Avoiding stereotypes, stigma, and everyday ableism-April 2022

    Although disabled people make up 15% of the world’s population and are members of every social group, we face unnecessary hardship in navigating our lives due to the stigma, stereotypes, and ableism that is prevalent in our society. Here we will discuss everyday ableism and the ways you can work toward changing your perception of disability as a step toward inclusivity and disabled equity.

     At the end of this workshop, learners will: 

    • Better understand disability. 
    • Understand the difference between the medical and social model of disability. 
    • Feel more comfortable addressing the needs of students, peers, clients, and colleagues with disabilities. 
    • Understand the impact of language as it relates to the community of people with disabilities. 
    • Able to identify ableism and ableist rhetoric and critically assess the impact it has on their community. 

    Christine Selinger

    Christine Selinger (she/her, disabled person) is an Instructional Designer with Canadian Blood Services and a consultant specializing in disability-related education and training as well as disability sex education. She is a graduate student in the M.Ed. Interdisciplinary program at the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.  She holds a B.Sc. (2011) and a B.Ed. (2011) from the University of Regina wherein she was also named the 2020 Outstanding Young Alumni. Christine is a two-time World Champion in the sport of ParaCanoe, and the first paraplegic to traverse the rugged Nootka Trail in BC. She is also an avid volunteer, participating in several sport-based committees around the globe and the City of Calgary Advisory Committee on Accessibility. She spends her days off watching sci-fi with her husband and playing with her rescue pup, River.

  1. December 14, 2021

    On December 14th, we had presentations by Karen Patterson (undergraduate student) on Family Tradition of Gingerbread Houses, Sameer Nizamuddin (MA graduate student) on Nowruz-The Persian New Year Celebration, and Lili Jardine (EdD graduate student) on Columbia Culture and Celebrations.

  2. December 17, 2021

    On December 17th, we had presentations by Orietta Towe (undergraduate student) on Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes, Carole Kenne (undergraduate student) on Cameroon Celebrations and Traditions, and Dr. Jean Kaya (Post-doctoral scholar) on Congolese Celebrations and Traditions.

  3. Virtual Exchange - Werklund and Universidad Camilo Jose Cela - April 2021

    Learn about a recent Virtual Exchange between Werklund School of Education and Universidad Camilo José Cela. Panel participants discuss their own intercultural learning as well as that of their students, pre-service teachers from Madrid, Spain and Calgary, Canada, who met over part of a semester to explore language teaching and education in the partner countries. Dr. Roswita Dressler – Ucalgary, Dr. Isabel Morales Jareño - Universidad Camilo José Cela, Dr. Pilar Ester Mariñoso - Universidad Camilo José Cela, Dr. Fiona McFall – Universidad Camilo José Cela, Lili Jardine – UCalgary and Brandon University.

Werklund celebrated the 23rd anniversary of International Education Week with two events November 14-18, 2022.nternational Education Week is celebrated by countries around the world, showcasing the impact that international education has in supporting international engagements and preparing students for the world.

  1. Intercultural Engagements with Calgary Community

    November 17, 2022 - Werklund undergraduate students shared how they are internationalizing their curriculum without leaving Calgary. In addition, a representative from The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) discussed Internationalization at Home opportunities for students.

  2. French Linguistic and Cultural Experiences

    November 15, 2022 - Werklund School BEd students Michelle Villemaire and Nicole Doerksen share their experiences of travelling to France and Quebec in the summer of 2022 to improve their French language and cultural understanding.

Three events presented during International Education Week 2021

  1. Teaching Across Borders: Opportunities and Challenges of Pivoting from In-Person to Virtual Learning

    This presentation by Dr. Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn and Anthony Appleby explores the pivoting of the Teaching Across Border program to the virtual space due to Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions. It reflects on areas of opportunity and challenges in intercultural learning and inclusion.

  2. Higher Education and COVID-19 Pandemic: Navigating Change and Responding to Uncertainty

    In this session, Dr. Umut Bulut shares her insights regarding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on teaching, learning, and research in her institution, Acibadem University, Istanbul. The talk is moderated by Dr. Umit Boz.

  3. Teaching & Learning in International Contexts

    In celebration of International Education Week 2021, three Werklund members share perspectives on Teaching & Learning in international contexts. Laura Bradshaw’s presentation International Schools: Promising and Problematic explores different kinds of international schools, the promise they hold for intercultural competencies and the problems they pose for those interested in disrupting inequity, shared from the perspective of a career international school teacher. Sameer Nizamuddin’s presentation Online Teaching Amidst Power Outages: challenges of Online Education in Pakistan During the COVID-19 Pandemic examines some of the main challenges faced by students and teachers and gives an overview of some of the challenges and their severity during the pandemic. Sameer also shares some of the examples from his teaching experiences of English language, particularly in the marginalized communities of Karachi, Pakistan. Kathryn Johnson’s Reflections on My Academic Life in Colorado in the Time of COVID presentation reflects on her experiences teaching and researching at the Colorado School of Mines when things fell apart, that is, when COVID changed life as we knew it.

  1. International Women's Day 2021

    Theme: Choose to Challenge

    Guest Speaker: Shirley Steinberg, Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies, Werklund School of Education

    We Still Haven't Come "A Long Way, Baby"....

  2. International Women's Day 2022

    Reaching Beyond Bias: An Ethnodrama of Mother-Scholars Navigating the Tenure Track

    Theme: Break the Bias

    Presenters: Dr. Mairi McDermott with  Sheliza Ladhani and Stephanie Tyler

  1. National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

    Many Trails, One Direction

    The session was facilitated by Dr. Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn.  Werklund graduate students, Jeanien Bell, Michelle Finley and Chantai Minet reflected on their experiences occupying intercultural spaces and maintaining their sense of self, cultural traditions, and ways of being. They offered perspectives on how to respectfully trail alongside Indigenous Peoples and enact decolonization.

  2. National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 21, 2022

    Enacting Reflections

    In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, Maureen Plante (Cree-Metis) and Stephanie Tipple (Mi-kmaw) will reflect on the centrality of community and principles of relationality and interdependence in their lives and graduate work.

    Facilitated by Dr. Patricia Danyluk with Werklund graduate students Maureen Plante and Stephanie Tipple.

  3. National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 22, 2022

    Reconceptualizing Resilience: The Diversity of Resistance

    In this session, Cameron Carley will outline complex ways in which Indigenous peoples demonstrate resilience, which broadly manifests through coping, survival, and/or resistance. Cameron will reconceptualize the experiences of Cree Elders whose resilience has been misrepresented by scholars.

    Facilitated by: Dr. Xu Zhao with Werklund graduate student, Cameron Carley.