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Office of Internationalization Grants

The Office of Internationalization awards two grants each year. The Advancing Intercultural Capacities Grant and the Award Package Pathway Preparation Grant in conjunction with the other members of the Academic Support Offices.

Advancing Intercultural Capacities applications are due July 4th for September 1st disbursement and November 1st for January 1st disbursement, watch your email ahead of application dates for more details.

  1. Advancing Intercultural Capacities GRANT

    The Advancing Intercultural Capacity Grant is open to full-time (individual) faculty (or team) who aim to elevate intercultural capacity building (Internationalization at Home/IaH) in the formal or informal curriculum *in collaboration with community members/community organizations

    Funds may be used for internationalizing the curriculum (in some broad capacity) and/or to advance informal learning and intercultural/cross-cultural knowledge-sharing initiatives.

    The overarching purpose of this grant is to serve as seed funding to launch/support an initiative aimed at Advancing Intercultural Capacity and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in the Werklund School of Education and to lay the foundation to apply for more substantial university and external grants related to EDI. This grant itself needs to be impactful and innovative in support of advancing intercultural capacity and equity, diversity, and inclusion beyond the individual research agenda(s) of the applicant(s).

    Application due dates are July 4 and November 1 annually.

  1. Award Package Pathway Preparation GRANT

    The Academic Support Offices (Research, Teaching, International) are inviting you to apply for a Academic Support Offices Grant: Award Package Pathway Preparation. This grant is to help you prepare and assemble an award package. Nominating someone for an Award or receiving an award is becoming more and more important at the University of Calgary, so we would like to encourage all colleagues to consider applying or nominating a colleague for an award. 

    • Academic Support Offices Grant: Award Package Pathway Preparation - Academic staff are encouraged to use this funding to hire a graduate or undergraduate student as a research assistant to help prepare and assemble an award package. 

    Application deadline for this support grant: Ongoing and based on availability of funds.

    The application for the grants is available here and you can email about grant opportunities.

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