Events by Educational Specialization Area (EDSA)

Events planned and run by EDSA representatives for graduate students in their respective EDSAs. In addition to our Cross-EDSA and Interdisciplinary events below, check out our Wellness Calendar.

Adult Learning

Virtual Coffee for Adult Learning Graduate Students!

Date/Time: Monday March 6th 1pm and 7pm

Location: Zoom (Meeting ID: 963 3450 6113; Passcode: 544202)

Counselling Psychology

Language and Literacy

School and Applied Child Psychology

Learning Sciences

Curriculum and Learning

Cross-EDSA and Interdisciplinary Events

On July 13th, join us on campus for an in-person gathering to meet your fellow graduate students, GPESA representatives, and Werklund School of Education Faculty. This is an opportunity to build relations; please view the attached poster for more information and access the registration link below.

On July 21st, join us for our Summer Social at the GSA's on-campus restaurant and bar, Last Defence Lounge. We will meet at 5 PM for a casual and non-academic pub night, where we will share food and drinks together, participate in ice-breaker activities, and connect with Werklund graduate students from other EDSAs!

In collaboration with the Writing Centre at the University of Calgary, and with the support of the Graduate Programs in Education Students' Association (GPESA): Come learn how to write a concise research proposal for scholarships such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) awards and fellowships.

Note: This workshop does not cover application requirements; it will be exclusively about writing structure and content. Advanced registration required.

The Graduate Program of Education Students Association (GPESA) will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on Monday, September 26, 2022, on Zoom at 6:30 pm (45 min.)! All education students are welcome! 

At the end of the meeting, we will have a draw where present students can win one of two gift cards as a thank you for your participation. No registration is required.

The meeting's main topics include: 

  1. Approval of the previous minutes (2021-2022)
  2. The role of GPESA and brief introductions from present members 
  3. Proposed changes to bylaws and a vote on the bylaws  
  4. The VP of finance will present a financial statement from 2021-2022
  5. Q&A 

Please see below the agenda, previous minutes, and bylaw documents to prepare for the meeting.

2022-2023 GPESA Bylaws.pdf
2022-2023 GPESA Bylaws After Changes.pdf
2022-2023 GPESA AGM Agenda.pdf
2021-2022 GPESA Bylaws.pdf
2021-2022 GPESA AGM Minutes.pdf

Join us for a barbecue on Friday, October 7, from 11 am to 1 pm, at the Werklund Link north patio. We will serve our graduate students and faculty a light lunch as a 'thank you!' for all your hard work. This will be an opportunity to mingle just before heading into the Thanksgiving Long Weekend! Please note: Halal and veggie options available; no seating except on grassy areas nearby.

Date: Friday, October 7

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Concrete patio north of EDT-EDC link

Cost: FREE!

GPESA Fall BBQ Poster.pdf


You are invited to attend the Restorative Practices Training Program and participate in its Community of Practice organized by the Graduate Programs in Education Students Association (GPESA). This Training Program will be provided by the International Institute for Restorative Practices. Please see the attached poster for more details.

Restorative Practices TP & CoP Poster.png