Teaching and Learning Grants

Teaching and Learning Grants

Recognizing teaching excellence is one of the key tenets of the Office of Teaching and Learning. To reach that goal, we can help structure your application for several teaching and learning grants and awards.

Here are some Grants and Awards related to Teaching and Learning offered by our School, University, as well as national competitions.  Consider them as laddering system of recognition of your scholarship of teaching and learning. Click on any of the sections below for more information.

As you consider applying for, or adjudicating, awards and grants whether with the Werklund School of Education, the University of Calgary or from an external entity, we encourage you to consider the guidelines that the university has drafted to acknowledge and foster greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our award and grant processes.

Teaching and Learning Support Grant

The aim of this funding is to support academic staff in advancing teaching and learning through grants to support one of the following types of initiatives:

Option 1: Research in Teaching and Learning. This grant is intended to seed funding to support academic staff as they prepare to apply for further grants that will support teaching and learning. This grant could be utilized to help conceptualize or develop an idea for a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project (e.g., hire an RA to help prepare a grant package, methodology, instruments, etc. for a Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning project, or other external research grant).

Option 2: Online or On-Campus Teaching. This grant is intended to support academic staff advance online teaching or on-campus teaching. This grant could be utilized to form a teaching square (community of practice) or prepare innovative digital content (e.g., hire an RA to help prepare content for using a flipped learning approach for a course, or to design interactive synchronous sessions, asynchronous content, digital assessments, multi-media case studies, podcasts, simulations, digital annotation, etc.).

The deadline for the current round of grants is November 17, 2022.  To apply for up to $1500 in funding, please use the following application.

The following grants, funded by the University through the Provost's Office and administered by the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning are available annually.

  1. Teaching Scholars Program

    The next deadline for University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants is January 16, 2023.  The Taylor Institute will accommodate peer review of applications until October 31, 2022.  Peer review feedback will be returned by November 30, 2022.

    Please note that these grants are administered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. For more information and resources for the grants, visiting the Taylor Institute website

    Academic staff of the Werklund School of Education have been awarded with U of C Teaching and Learning grants in previous competitions.

The Academic Support Offices (Research, Teaching, International) are inviting you to apply for a Academic Support Offices Grant: Award Package Pathway Preparation. This grant is to help you prepare and assemble an award package. Nominating someone for an Award or receiving an award is becoming more and more important at the University of Calgary, so we would like to encourage all colleagues to consider applying or nominating a colleague for an award. 

  • Academic Support Offices Grant: Award Package Pathway Preparation - Academic staff are encouraged to use this funding to hire a graduate or undergraduate student as a research assistant to help prepare and assemble an award package. 

Application deadline for this support grant: Ongoing and based on availability of funds.

The application for the grants is available here and you can contact the Associate Deans in the Academic Support Offices for more information about this grant opportunity: Sylvie Roy for Research & Leadership Awards, Barb Brown for Teaching & Learning Awards, and Colleen Kawalilak for International & EDI Awards.