Recognizing teaching excellence is one of the key tenets of the office of Teaching and Learning. To reach that goal, we can help you structure your application to several teaching and learning grants and awards.

Here are some Grants and Awards related to Teaching and Learning offered by our School, University, as well as national competitions.  Consider then as laddering system of recognition of your scholarship of teaching and learning. Click on any of the following sections for more information.

The Teaching and Learning Grants provided by the Werklund School of Education are intended to support research into innovations in the Study of Teaching and Learning.

  1. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    To support and promote both greater engagement in the classroom and scholarly research around teaching and learning in higher education. These grants are intended to fund innovative and creative strategies that demonstrate Werklund School of Education's commitment to the quality of student and teaching experiences as reflected in the academic plan.

    This grant provides funding up to a maximum of $7,000. 

  2. Werklund Teaching and Learning Grant

    This grant was designed  to support investigation into innovative teaching practices. It was funded from 2014 to 2018.

    For information on research funded by the grant, click here.

The following grants, funded by the University through the Provost's Office and administered by the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning are available annually.

  1. University Teaching and Learning Grants

    The next deadline for University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants is October 28, 2019.  The Taylor Institute will be hosting drop-in sessions on grant preparation in September and October 2019. Please note that these grants are administered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. For more information and resources for the grants, visiting the Taylor Institute website.

    Academic staff of the Werklund School of Education have been awarded with UofC Teaching and Learning grants in previous competitions. Click here to know more about these projects.

  2. Teaching Scholars Program

    The Teaching Scholars program, which has been in place since 2016, is awarded by the Taylor Institute for amounts of up to $40,000 for up to three years to implement teaching and learning initiatives. More information will be provided when the call for proposals for the next Teaching Scholars awards opens.