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Online Pedagogy Series

Upcoming presentations facilitated by the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Online Pedagogy Series

Leading scholars from the Werklund School of Education and our school community share their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research and development through professional development opportunities facilitated by The Office of Teaching and Learning. Faculty, sessional instructors, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and community members are all welcome to join us for the sessions. These series will be offered during the 2023-24 academic year organized as a sequence of sessions to help develop a community of practice. We also facilitate pop-up presentations that are one-time sessions based on requests throughout the year.

Our sessions will generally not be recorded, but presenters will be invited to contribute content to our vignette collection.

If you would like to request a pop-up presentation or you would like to be involved in suggesting or leading a series of presentations, please contact us at

For a third consecutive year, we present this webinar series, scheduled for November 1st, 15th and 29th, 2023.  This series introduces participants to Open Education and builds a foundational understanding of Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Education Practice (OEP).

Through this series we advocate for the use of OER and OEP and continue to develop the open community in Alberta and beyond.  All of these sessions have been facilitated by Dr. Verena Roberts, an adjunct assistant professor with the Werklund School of Education. You can visit Dr. Roberts' blog for more of her insights on Open Educational Practices. 

For details on how to earn the badge for your participation in the Open Education Series, click here.

Other information on Open Education resources and initiatives, including our national collaboration to facilitate Open Education Talks each March, is available here.

This series is facilitated by Dr. Nadia Delanoy of the Werklund School of Education and Jodie Walz from the Calgary Catholic School District. Throughout this series, digital tools will be introduced, demonstrated and innovative practices for their use in the classroom outlined. We will have dates for the 2023-24 iteration of this series in time for the Fall semester.

For details on how to earn the badge for your participation in the Assessment in a Digital Age series, click here.

The Office of Teaching and Learning has regularly supported presentations by scholars within Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary and beyond the university community as well.  We have a number of sessions planned for the year featuring Indigenous scholars from Werklund and from the broader community and we will feature them here as details are finalized.

This collection provides a sample of teaching and learning approaches from Werklund School of Education SoTL research and presentations. For more information about contributing to the Vignette Collection, contact The Office of Teaching and Learning in the Werklund School of Education