ePortfolio Resources

ePortfolio Resources

ePortfolio Resources

The ePortfolio is an important online digital tool for both students and faculty. It can be used to highlight career and research achievements throughout academic life.  It is a platform where the continuous improvement that occurs during one's career, whether academic or professional, can be compiled and organized into a flexible document of your growth.

The resources below will assist in the creation of an ePortfolio.

“[An] ePortfolio is your personal flexible digital space for reflecting, documenting, representing, collaborating, and sharing your learning. An ePortfolio is a collection of evidence that can help mark the significant stages in your life as a lifelong learner. You can decide what to collect here such as documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, course work, etc. But these collections are much more than a bunch of stuff. It’s about organizing what you collect to show a process of learning over a period of time. An ePortfolio is a digital repertoire that can relate to your participation in specific academic fields or experiences outside of your academic career.” from https://eportfolio.ucalgary.ca

Options for ePortfolio Hosting
There is an ePortfolio feature included in D2L, which would allow you to compile artifacts from a number of courses into one Collection or Presentation that can be shared with instructors and others.  It can also be downloaded after graduation as well. 

Other platforms for hosting an ePortfolio include Wordpress, Wix, Google Sites and Sway, which is included in Office 365.  An advantage with the D2L ePortfolio is that you can control who gets to see your artifacts and you have more interaction with the individuals who view your ePortfolio. Most instructors will be comfortable reviewing ePortfolios regardless of the platform you use.

The following support is available as you work on your ePortfolio.

There are also resources at https://elearn.ucalgary.ca to help with building and organizing materials in your ePortfolio.

The https://eportfolio.ucalgary.ca page has guidance and further resources for the planning and compiling of artifacts in your ePortfolio, and there is a login to use Wordpress to building your ePortfolio.  

There are also external resources for ePortfolios at other institutions

Other resources:

As with all online content, confirm copyright information before adding to your ePortfolio. The following resources are available to supplement and add to the presentation of your ePortfolio:


You can maintain your D2L ePortfolio after graduation. Create an account at MyDesire2Learn and you will have a cloud-based website that will allow you to maintain your ePortfolio and continuing adding to it.  The free version of the ePortfolio has 2GB of space and will accommodate the creation of presentations as well.

The following items answer some frequently asked questions about ePortfolio.

1) What should I put in my ePortfolio?

Here are some suggestions.

2) How do I share my ePortfolio with someone in my course? 

By default, everything in your D2L ePortfolio is private and can’t be viewed by others. You also can’t share your entire ePortfolio – you select the particular items you have created or uploaded, such as a website, a reflection or a Word document.  In order to allow others to view something in your ePortfolio, use the drop down arrow next to the item you want to share.  Select share, Add Users and Groups, and search for the person you want to share with.  

3) How do I make my website (presentation) public -  that is, viewable by everyone?

Use the drop down arrow next to the presentation you want to make public. Select share, and turn on Allow public viewing of presentation. The Share URL listed is the link you would send to whomever you would like to see your website. Also, using a URL shortener such as goo.gl will make your URL shorter/easier for people to access. 

4) Where can I get free images?

Please check the section ‘Multimedia for ePortfolios‘ above for suggestions. 

5) Can I use pictures of students from my practicum in my ePortfolio?

This website on University of Calgary FOIP protocols talks about the use of such images.