May 26, 2022

University of Calgary in Qatar celebrates 15th anniversary

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and members of its board came together for a special event to celebrate this important milestone
University of Calgary in Qatar celebrates its 15th year anniversary

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) commemorated its 15th anniversary in a special event held at its campus with students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and members of its board in attendance. The event held on May 15 celebrated UCQ’s legacy of providing excellence in nursing education, which has been rooted in creativity, values and dedication in supporting the ever-growing health-care system in the State of Qatar. It also honored International Nurses Day (May 12) and National Nurses Week, which is celebrated across Canada every year (May 9 to 12).

The anniversary theme ‘15 Years of UCQ’ reflects UCQ’s intellectual contributions during the past decades, which has been evident through its commitment to providing academic excellence, hence contributing effectively to Qatar’s health-care system.

The event saw the reveal of UCQ’s 15-year milestone video which showcased the university’s journey in Qatar and was followed by a series of speeches including speeches by Dr. Deborah White, dean and professor at UCQ, Dr. Nabila Al Meer, founding member and board member of the University of Calgary in Qatar, and Roqaia Al Dorri, UCQ instructor. They all touched on UCQ’s role in serving the State of Qatar in helping it realize its health-care vision and goals.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Deborah highlighted how UCQ, over the past 15 years, has been committed to fostering a student-centred environment that develops skilled nursing professionals who would meet Qatar’s health-care needs. The speech was followed by a recognition ceremony where students, faculty, and staff were honoured with nursing-themed gifts as a token of appreciation for their longstanding efforts. The event was concluded with a special lunch.

University of Calgary in Qatar celebrates its 15th year anniversary

Commenting on the momentous occasion, Dr. Deborah White said, “We are extremely proud to be celebrating 15 years of UCQ today among our employees, board of trustees and partners. This has been a journey of success, memories, and emotions for all members of UCQ.

"Generations of University of Calgary in Qatar students and alumni have exhibited hard work, resilience, and dedication throughout this journey, even during the most tumultuous of times, and we are confident that they will leave an everlasting footprint in the health-care industry. UCQ’s achievements were only possible with the support and guidance of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser as well as her belief in the importance of education and scientific research.

"I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to HH and the wise guidance of our leadership for emphasizing the importance of education for sustainable development. Finally, I would like to congratulate every single member of UCQ on this occasion, and in celebration of International Nurses Day. Thank you to everyone in our community for their outstanding efforts and unwavering commitment to nursing.”

Also commenting on the event, Dr. Nabila Al Meer, founding member and board member of the University of Calgary in Qatar, said: “This occasion truly highlights the significance of Qatar choosing to invest in nursing education, in collaboration with the University of Calgary in Qatar. It is an absolute honour to have been part of establishing UCQ and I am so proud to watch our students graduate and become strong clinicians, leaders, and decision-makers in their chosen field of nursing. Congratulations on 15 Years of UCQ!”

On the occasion, Roqaia Al Dorri, UCQ instructor, said “I take pride in having been among the first graduating class of the University of Calgary in Qatar. Once a student, today I am an instructor passing on knowledge and expertise to generations of students who have exhibited so much passion in pursuing their career goals. Through their passion and dedication, our UCQ future nurses will, with no doubt, leave a great impact in the nursing field.”