Academic Support Office

Our office can help you with enhancing online and on-campus teaching, submitting award and grant applications, and building intercultural capacity. We support faculty, postdoctoral scholars, teaching assistants, and sessional instructors.



The Office of Internationalization is building on a tradition of service, partnerships, and collaboration. Internationalization and building intercultural capacity in the Werklund School of Education is a collective and community effort inspired by the possibilities of bringing the world to our School and our School to the world.



The Office of Research supports Werklund faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and students in their research programs. We offer support for grant applications and award nominations in addition to discussing research needs and future impactful ideas. We promote transdisciplinary work and we are proud to work with community partners on different projects.


Teaching & Learning

The Office of Teaching and Learning supports Werklund instructors in instructional design and use of technology to enhance online or on-campus teaching. We also support the recognition of teaching excellence and research into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. We look forward to supporting you with your needs whether in your research, your teaching practice, or applications for awards and grants.