Werklund Awards and Recognition

Celebrating our faculty, staff, students and alumni

Academic Awards

At Werklund we are proud of the accomplishments of our academic staff and believe in rewarding excellence.

Support Staff Awards

Werklund support staff play a significant role in fulfilling our mission. Each year we recognize individuals who exhibit excellence in their contributions to the Werklund School.

David Werklund with students

Celebrating Student Excellence

Recognizing our students and community support

Recognizing Werklund Alumni

The ARCH Awards celebrate the changemakers, the risk-takers and trailblazers sparking meaningful change.

Arch Award recipients are leaders and innovators. These UCalgary graduates have shown excellence in their profession and work as champions for the betterment of their communities. Make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

It's time to recognize Werklund School changemakers — the alumni who’ve sparked meaningful change close to home or around the globe.

Cecilia delaRocha 2019

U Make a Difference Awards

The U Make a Difference award program recognizes individuals and teams who exemplify excellence and the ability to reach above and beyond the expected to "Make a Difference" in our university community.

Nominate a colleague or team