Amy Burns

Amy Burns


Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Werklund School of Education

Associate Professor

Werklund School of Education, Specialization, Leadership

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Phone number

Office: 403.220.3625


Office: EDT230


Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy , University of Calgary, 2008

M.A. , University of Calgary, 2001

Bachelor of Education University of Lethbridge, 1996

B.F.A. , University of Lethbridge, 1996


Dr. Burns has been a public school teacher and leader in various school divisions across Alberta since convocating with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge in 1996. In 2001, she completed her MA in Educational Leadership and in 2008 her PhD in Educational Leadership, both from the University of Calgary. In 2014, Dr. Burns joined the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary where she acts as the Director of Field Experience and then was appointed Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs in Education in 2018. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses and is the co-creator and academic coordinator for the Leading with Heart certificate in the Interdisciplinary Master of Education program.


Areas of Research

Scholarly Activity

Dr. Burns’ research is focused on two distinct yet interconnected topics. In this work she explores the narrative lifeworlds of both preservice and in-service teachers and leaders as well as women in leadership both in K-12 and postsecondary contexts. Her most recent work examines the ways in which female postsecondary leaders conceptualize their experiences within the academy. Dr. Burns is also interested in the ways in which preservice teachers conceptualize their roles as teacher leaders and the organizational narratives that shape leadership within K-12 and postsecondary education. Her work has been published in education, student affairs and leadership journals.

  • Case study research
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Educational administration and leadership
  • Educational policy
  • Female leadership
  • Feminist theory/research
  • Leadership development
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Poststructural Feminist Theory
  • Teacher education


  • PI - Leading from the Middle: Understanding the Lifeworlds of Female Middle-Level Leaders in Postsecondary Education (SSHRC funded)
  • Co-I - Combating Racism towards Indigenous Peoples through the Inclusion of Indigenous Perspectives in the Classroom: Bachelor of Education Programs and Schools Working Together (SSHRC funded)
  • PI - Leadership as Theatre: Organizational Metaphors from the Stage


  • Awarded, Werklund School of Education Excellence in Service Award, Werklund School of Education. 2018
  • Awarded, Werklund School of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, Werklund School of Education. 2017
  • URGC Faculty Conference Travel Grant, 2015
  • Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration Thesis Award 2002, Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration. 2003
  • Louise McKinney Scholarship for Undergraduate Academic Excellence, Government of Alberta. 1998


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