External Research Funding

Each year, Werklund School researchers, recognized for their innovative and collaborative efforts, are awarded federal grants from SSHRC, CIHR, in addition to other external sources.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  Recipients Title of Research Amount
  Kelly Dean Schwartz (Co-Invstigator Carly McMorris, Andrea Holowka, Paul Daniel Amold, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Erica Makarenko) Screening Student Resiliency and Mental Health Indicators During School Re-Entry $199,087
  Carly McMorris1,2 (PIs: Drs. Yona Lunsky & Johanna Lake) Supporting the mental health needs of adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families during COVID-19: A national capacity building project $200,000
  Kelly Dean Schwartz (Co-Investigators Carly McMorris, Andre Stelnicki, Maris Van Bavel, Kaleem Kan and Micheele Redekop) Before Operational Stress: Evaluating Novel Psychosocial Interventions for Public Safety Personnel (PSP) and their Familie $974,898
  Carly McMorris who Co-investigate with Catherine Alexandra Lebel Brain development and internalizing symptoms in youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder $879,750
  1 CO-Investigator    
  2 Operating Grant: COVID-19 Mental Health & Substance Use Service Needs and Delivery    

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

  Recipient Category Title of Research Amount
  Tanya Mudry (Co-investigator José Domene) Insight Development Critical care work during and after COVID-19: Exploring changing identities and practices associated with recovery from burnout $62,990
  Barbara Brown (Other Researcher: Christy Thomas, Ambrose University) Insight Development Exploring Online Pedagogies for Social Connectedness and Advancing Professional Collaboration $68,960
  Jennifer Markides (Other Researcher: Natalie Morris) Insight Development Strengthening the Educational Experiences of Indigenous Students in Northern Alberta Schools Through Culturally Responsive School Based Initiatives $69,638
  Amy Burns (Co-investigator Patricia Danyluk) Insight Development Leading from the middle: Understanding the lifeworld of female middle-level leaders in post-secondary education $64,513
  Shelleyann Scott (Co-investigator Donald Scott) Insight Re-Imagining and Innovating Leadership Development and Leadership Theory: Promoting Effective University Leadership, Change Agency, and Job Satisfaction $83,442
  Patricia Danyluk (Co-investigators Amy Burns, Astrid Kendrick, Theodora Kapoyannis, Yvonne Poitras Pratt), (Other Researchers: Eva Lemaire, Kevin O'Connor, Tanya Stogre- Mount Royal University; Kathryn Crawford-Ambrose University; Laurie Hill- St. Mary's University; Robin Bright-University of Lethbridge) Insight Combating Racism towards Indigenous Peoples through the Inclusion of Indigenous Perspectives in the Classroom: Bachelor of Education Programs and Schools Working Together $99,997
  Douglas Clark (Co-investigators David Scott, Jennifer Adams) Insight Reframing Design in Education for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion $99,655
  Roswita Dressler (Co-investigator Colleen Kawaliak) Insight Development Teachers Reflecting Upon Study Abroad Sojourns $44,907
  Martina Ann Kelly (Co-investigator) and Pratim Sengupta (Co-applicant) with Ariel Ducey (Primary investigator, Sociology) New Frontiers in Research Fund  Data, Touch, Technology and Medical Care $246,861
  Aubrey Hanson (Co-Investigator Vicki Bouvier, Mount Royal University) Insight Development Indigenous Creativity and Presence in the City: Unsettling and Reframing $71,844
  Kimberly Lenters (Co-Investigator Ronna Mosher) Insight Development Playful(l) Literacies: Language and Literacy Learning in the Early Elementary Years $67,613
  Mairi McDermott & Michele Jacobsen (Co-Investigator Jeff Dunn, Cumming School of Medicine) Insight Development Mothering on the Tenure Track: A Qualitative Case Study $45,876
  Marlon Simmons Insight Development Writing Black Life in Canada: Notes from Calgary $63,640
  Jose Domene who Co-PI with Dr. Robinder Bedi from the University of British Columbia  Insight Development The Role of Hope in Promoting the Career Development of Individuals with a History of Substance Use Disorder after Treatment $145,337
  Kaori Wada (Co-Investigator Karlee Fellner, Tom Strong, Norichika Horie from the University of Tokyo Susumu Shimazono from Sophia University  Insight Development Medicalization of grief: Looping effects and its alternatives $71,000
  Rahat Zaidi (Co-investigator Anusha Kassan) Partnership Development Optimizing Educational Services for Newcomer Families in the French and English Public System: An Exploration Among Three school Boards in Calgary, Alberta $9,790
  Rahat Zaidi (Co-investigator Anusha Kassan and Jennifer Rowell-University Bristol) Partnership Engage Immigrant families at a standstill: navigating resettlement during COVID-19 $25,000
  Hetty Roessingh Connection Play and literacy connection: Possibilities for policy programming, providers and parents $24,756
  Beaumie Kim (Co-Investigator Jerremie Clyde, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Arts Academy and Calgary Public Library) Insight Playing and redesigning culturally-relevant tabletop games: Sustaining cultural and linguistic pluralism in public learning environments $96,134
  Miwa Takeuchi Insight Envisioning inclusive mathematics education with digital illustrated stories $88,986
  Jo Towers (Co-Investigator Lyndon Martin from York University) Insight Transforming Mathematical Identities: The Potential for Collective Learning to Create Free Spaces for Mathematics $286,400
  Armando Preciado Babb (Co-Investigator Armando Solares-Rojas) Insight Development Exploring mathematical modelling knowledge for teaching through simulation and coding $65,951
  Marie-Claire Shanahan (Co-investigator Pratim Sengupta) Insight Development Disability, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Science Education $57,790
  Rahat Zaidi (Co-investigator Anusha Kassan) Partnership Engage Filming Cultural Mosaics: A research study on filming immigrant family stories $25,000
  Shelly Russel-Mayhew (Co-Investigator Christine McKernan & Stephanie Wieri-Alberta Health Services and Jason Kupery-Palliser Regional Schools) Partnership Engage Policy, Practice, and Partnersip: Comprehensive School Health in School Communities $18,305
  Gregory Tweedie (Co-Investigator Robert Johnson) Partnership Engage Improving language assessment for internationally educated nurses in Canada: a concurrent validity study of two preoficiency tests  $24,998
  Brent Davis Insight  Using emergent technologies to develop mathematical objects- and actions-to-think-with $215,760
  Gregory Lowan-Trudeau Insight Renewable Energy Education Reconsidered: Exploring Sociocritical and Indigenous Perspectives in Alberta and Beyond $59,488
  Man-wai  (Co-Investigator Marie-Claire Shanahan) Insight Development Measuring Cross-Curricular Competencies using Digitally Simulated Science Laboratories  $74,675
  Emma Climie (Co-Investigator Alan McLuckie -Social Work) Insight Development Stigma & Strength in Individuals with ADHD $64,224
  David Scott who Co-Investigate with Carla Peck (UofA)  Partnership Thinking  Historically for Canada's Future $2.5MM

Other External Sources

  Recipient Category Title of Research Amount
  Carly McMorris  Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACRHI) Provide virtual mindfulness groups to youth and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism, FASD and intellectual disability) and their caregivers $42,000
  Carly McMorris  Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute – COVID-19 Catalyst Grant Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Caregivers and Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Effectiveness of a 6-week Virtual Mindfulness-Based Intervention $32,000
  Carly McMorris1 (PI Dr. Kathleen Chaput) Calgary Centre for Clinical Research (CCC-R): Seed Grant An anonymous survey to generate a valid estimate of the prevalence of cannabis use in pregnancy in Alberta: Building foundations for future research and public health strategies  $10,000
  Carly McMorris1 (PI Drs. Amy Metcalfe, Lara Leisjer and Donna Slater Canada Health Trust Prediction, Prevention and interventions for Preterm birth: the P3 cohort. $5,000,000
  Carly McMorris  Special Olympics Canada – Research Grant Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Caregivers and Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Effectiveness of a 6-week Virtual Mindfulness-Based Intervention $10,000
  Catherine Burwell (Co-Investigators Maren Aukerman & David Scott) Spencer Foundation Canadian and American Youth Perspectives on Media Related to COVID-19 $49,953.34
  Hetty Roessingh/Cynthia Prasow Alberta Education Supplementing early learning with a play-based, sensorimotor and language development program in preschool and kindergarten $50,000
  Kim Koh/Olive Chapman Alberta Education Designing authentic assessments to promote girls’ self-efficacy and interest in STEM subjects $50,000
  Karlee Fellner Alberta Education Blackfoot pedagogical approaches Kunaitupii curriculum project: Trauma wisdom ‘inside & out’ $50,000
  Erin Spring/Gregory Tweedie/Umit Boz Alberta Education Understanding Indigenous students’ perceptions of well-being: A case study in equitable urban education $50,000
  Man-Wai Chu  Alberta Education Providing students with a voice: A measure of students’ socio-emotional wellbeing to optimize learning for all students $50,000
  Carly McMorris (Co-Investigator Gerald Giesbrecht) The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Young Investigator Suicidality in youth with autism spectrum disorder: Interaction between biological vulnerabilities and cognitive dysfunction $89,357
  Man-Wai Chu (Co-Investigators Barb Brown, Ronna Mosher  Alberta Education Improving Assessment Literacy Assessment $50,000
  Barb Brown/Mairi McDermott/Sharon Friesen  Alberta Education Leading for Indigenous Learning $50,000
  Barb Brown/Amy Burns  Alberta Education New Teachers Implementing Professional Practice Standards $50,000
  Gregory Tweedie  Alberta Education Accelerating English Language Acquisition for Beginning ELL Students in Junior High $50,000
  Christy Thomas/Jim Brandon/Sharon Friesen  Alberta Education Addressing Alberta's New Leadership Quality Standard through High Quality Collaborative Professional Learning $50,000
  Rahat Zaidi/Tom Strong  Alberta Education Optimizing Parent-Teacher Collaboration in Refugee Children's Learning $50,000
  Roswita Dressler  Alberta Education Diversity as an Asset: Identifying Demographic Variables Impacting the Global Competence Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Experiences of Albertan K-12 High School Students and Staff $50,000
  Maren Auckerman  Alberta Education Exploring How the Teacher Quality Standards Support Early Literacy Instruction and Address the Needs of a Changing Student Demographic $50,000
  1 CO-Investigator