Dec. 4, 2015

2015 Insight Grants to University of Calgary researchers

WSE scholars receive research funding

December 7, 2015 - The SSHRC Insight program supports research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. The funding is geared to both long-term research, as well as for early stage research.

The 2015 round of Insight grants marks the highest number received by University of Calgary researchers since the program was launched in 2011. The maximum value of an Insight grant is $500,000 over three to five years. 

Faculty of Arts:

  • Shelley Alexander ($111,254.00):“Human-Coyote Relationships in the Foothills Parkland Region of Alberta. Department of Geography
  • Bart Beaty ($280,879.00): What Were Comics?: Understanding Typicality in the Cultural Industries.
  • Susan Bennett ($103,382.00): “Brand Performance and the Mega-Event Experience. Department of English
  • Christian Bok ($97,564.00): Conceptual Literature: Writing at the Limits of Writing. Department of English
  • George Colpitts ($87,385.00): Treaty Trade: Cash and the Monetization of Aboriginal-Newcomer Relations in Canada 1874-1925. Department of History.
  • Hendrik Kraay ($114,937.00): From Entrudo to Carnaval in Brazil. Department of History.
  • Sheri Madigan ($128,715.00): Person and Environment Influences in the Development of Prosociality in Young Children.” Department of Psychology.
  • Maribeth Murray ($245,332.00): Northern Seas: An Interdisciplinary Study of Human/Marine and Climate System Interactions in Arctic North America over the Last Millennium. Department of Archeology.
  • Alan Smart ($94,828.00): Formalizing Hong Kong: Explaining governmental strategies to formalize urban informality.” Department of Anthropology.
  • Charles Tepperman ($88,840.00): Mapping an Alternative Film History: A Database of Significant Amateur Films (1928-1971). Department of Communication and Culture
  • Melanee Thomas ($213,546.00): Psychological Orientations to Politics, Gendered Stereotype Threat, and Democratic Citizenship. Department of Political Science.
  • Trevor Tombe ($90,922.00): The Gains from Trade and Labour Mobility. Department of Economics.
  • Aritha Van Herk ($132,840.00): A Creative Biography of Canadian Writer Robert Kroetsch. Department of English.

Faculty of Social Work:

  • Betty Bastien ($247,861.00): Atsimapi: Cultural Competencies for Restoring Good Relations in First Nation Communities.

Haskayne School of Business:

  • David Alexander ($99,500.00): Financial Decision-Making, Monetary Policy, and Asset Prices Under Incomplete Information.
  • Susan Graham ($273,997.00): Communicative Development During the Preschool Years. Department of Psychology

Werklund School of Education:

  • Yan Guo ($90,025.00): Examining EAL Policies and Practices in Alberta and Community Advocacy. Division of Teacher Preparation.
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Faculty of Environmental Design:

  • Jason Johnson ($443,500.00): Constructing Digital Futures: Community Based Innovation.

Cumming School of Medicine:

  • Bonnie Lashewicz ($293,018.00): More Than Meets the Eye: Illuminating and Expanding the Impacts of Relational Autonomy for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Community Health Sciences.

2015 Insight Development Grants to University of Calgary researchers

Faculty of Arts:

  • Stefan Staubli Muehlenbachs ($30,215.00): How Does Raising Women''s Full Retirement Age Affect Labor Supply, Income, and Mortality? Department of Economics.
  • Candace Konnert ($34,039.00): Planning for Future Dependency: A Mixed Methods Study. Department of Psychology.
  • Charles Tepperman ($34,098.00): Film Production Culture in Canada: Case Study of a Creative Producer. Department of Communication and Culture.
  • Kunio Tsuyuhara ($51,180.00): A New Approach to International Trade and Labour Market Research.” Department of Economics.
  • Bart Beaty ($65,272.00): Understanding Charlie Hebdo in its Cultural Contexts. Department of English.
  • Joanna Redden ($71,500.00): Big Data and Social Governance: Investigating the United States and the United Kingdom. Department of Communications and Culture.
  • Sheri Madigan ($73,600.00): An Individual Participant Data Review on the Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment. Department of Psychology.
  • Dean Curran ($74,308.00): Who are the "Risk Takers"? Department of Sociology.
  • Michael Adorjan ($67,428.00): Cyber-Risk,Youth and Community: Digital Citizenship in Canada. Department of Sociology.

Werklund School of Education

  • Miwa Takeuchi ($41,204.00): Interaction and Collaboration for Mathematics Learning in Diverse Canadian Classrooms.
  • Gregory Lowan ($48,337.00): From Reticence to Resistance: Exploring Educators’ Engagement with Indigenous Environmental Activism.

Haskayne School of Business

  • Mohammad Keyhani ($49,410.00): The Performance and Exit Tradeoffs of Startups.

Cumming School of Medicine:

  • Gerald Giesbrecht ($70,870.00): Parenting in the Dark: Does the ‘Cry-it-Out’ Sleep Training Method Harm Attachment or Promote Self-Regulation?” Department of Pediatrics.