Jan. 5, 2018

Eight work-life New Year's resolutions to keep

Achieve your health, wellness and career development goals in 2018

The start of the New Year is a great time to review programs the University of Calgary offers for faculty and staff to help achieve your health, wellness and career development goals. Here are eight ideas to get you inspired:

1. Assess your health through Homewood Health

Looking for more information on your health? The Health Risk Assessment provides access to a comprehensive online health library with useful articles, tools and information on a wide variety of health topics. Learn more about the assessment tool.

2. Challenge yourself to Jumpstart Your Wellness

Jumpstart Your Wellness is a self-directed program that helps you take a comprehensive approach to healthy living. Participants can access a readiness questionnaire, initial coaching consultation and online tools and resources including expert tips on healthy lifestyles and exercise. Learn more about the program.

3. Reflect on your career and complete a self-assessment

Help identify your strengths, interests, skills and experience with self-reflection and assessment exercises offered through UNavigate. Considering these important factors is a key first step in your personal career development.

4. Take the Working Mind workshop

The Working Mind provides faculty and staff with resources to maintain positive mental health and resiliency, while also aiming to increase awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illnesses.

5. Build your personal resilience 

Examine your emotional, social and physical wellness and learn strategies to increase your personal resilience at the Building Personal Resilience workshop. Prepare yourself to better navigate everyday activities and successfully deal with challenges, setbacks and changes in your work and personal life.

6. Get professional feedback from colleagues and managers

After completing a career self-assessment of your personal interests, skills and strengths, ask for feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports. Feedback is essential for career exploration and can help you to maximize your potential, raise awareness of your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

7. Talk to a nutrition counsellor

Homewood Health offers over-the-phone nutrition counselling sessions on a wide range of topics including eating patterns for a healthier lifestyle, using nutrition to prevent and manage chronic disease, and eating for energy.

8.  Build your skill set — learn something new

Human Resources offers a variety of programs, workshops, e-learning, guidebooks, articles and more on a variety of topics aimed at developing staff for their current role as well as for future opportunities and career growth. Visit the Training and Development website to view current programs and course listings. Lynda.com also offers dynamic, online instructional videos on topics related to career development.

For more information on the many services available for faculty and staff at the University of Calgary, please visit:

Many services are available to support the health, wellness and career development of faculty and staff.

Services are available to support the health, wellness and career development of faculty and staff.

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