Landon Foley
Landon Foley is a rower with University of Calgary Dinos Athletics, among other accomplishments. Alex Anscombe

May 15, 2023

Kinesiology student Landon Foley awarded 3M National Student Fellowship

Dinos rower and community ambassador one of 10 undergrads across Canada honoured for their outstanding leadership

Athlete, hard-working academic, and ambassador, Landon Foley is exactly the kind of student leader that comes along once in more than a decade, says Gareth McVicar, manager of leadership and student development at the University of Calgary. This is why Foley is one of 10 undergraduate students in Canada to receive the 2023 3M National Student Fellowship, having demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives and at their post-secondary institutions.

Landon Foley

Landon Foley

Elizabeth Feddema

“It's an incredible honour to see the individuals who have been part of previous cohorts, it is truly stunning to be considered amongst them,” says Foley, who just completed the fourth year of his undergrad. “Since the beginning of the process, I have been deeply touched by the support and love from all of those who have helped me throughout my university years.”

As a student studying for a Bachelor of Science in the Faculty of Kinesiology, majoring in exercise and health physiology, Foley is known for his academic excellence, his strength in research, his commitment to the undergraduate student experience, and his ability to apply knowledge to practice; the last is particularly true in terms of application of leadership. He did it all sharing coaching knowledge in his many different roles: student, athlete, residence leader, community builder, innovator and musician.

“I am thrilled that Landon was selected for this prestigious award, just as I know those who provided letters of support for his application will be. It has been a privilege to know Landon during his time with us as an undergraduate student and to see his leadership skills develop and thrive,” says Dr. William Bridel, associate dean (academic) and associate professor, Faculty of Kinesiology.

“Landon has been extremely active in faculty and university initiatives such as Open House and You@Ucalgary, always willingly and enthusiastically giving his time and expertise to new and potential students,” says Bridel.

Foley’s commitment to building community for students in residence before and during the pandemic was outstanding. He helped first-year students transition to life away from home amidst intense provincial restrictions. As the volunteer assistant for Orientation 2022, Foley had many responsibilities, including hiring, training, and wrangling 250 volunteers, who in turn led 4,500 new UCalgary students through their orientation experience.

“It’s also important to frame Landon’s work within the context of being the first student leader in the role post-COVID and needing to be innovative and creative in the way the experience was delivered for new students,” says McVicar.

Foley has left an indelible mark on our faculty and the campus community more broadly.

“The University of Calgary community has done so much for me, and all I have ever wanted to do was to provide that same level of support for every other peer I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from. I am just aiming to learn as much as I can, and hope to continue to contribute to improving post-secondary education and the lives of students through this experience,” says Foley.

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