Oct. 2, 2018

Meet your 2018 Shining Star award winners

Turnout strong for this year’s Safety and Wellness Week
Congratulations to the 2018 Shining Star Award winners. See all the winners of the Shining Star Awards on the Risk website.
Congratulations to the 2018 Shining Star Award winners. Christine Creswell and Rebekah Jarvis, University of Calgary

The campus community is safer and more informed after a successful Safety and Wellness Week, the annual event that celebrates and fosters the University of Calgary’s strong health and safety culture. 

Throughout the week, employees and students attended informative sessions on naloxone, bleed kits, and cannabis, and had coffee with the chief of Campus Security, while members of the executive team took a safety tour of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering and went on a nighttime ride-along with Campus Security. The week also included evacuation drills, which help members of UCalgary community increase their emergency preparedness.

Safety and Wellness Week kicked off Sept. 17 with the presentation of Shining Star awards, which recognize individuals across campus who show leadership and commitment in supporting the Risk portfolio’s initiatives and programs across campus. Rae Ann Aldridge, associate vice-president (risk), says the Shining Star awards are an important part of Safety and Wellness Week, since they celebrate the most important component of health and safety on campus. 

“We couldn’t do what we do in the Risk portfolio without the commitment and support from people like our shining stars,” says Aldridge. “A strong health and safety workplace culture is built when people understand their responsibilities and provide leadership in implementing the Risk programs. The Shining Star awards help us recognize those people for helping to make the university a safe and healthy place to work and study.”

Check out the Safety and Wellness Week photo gallery for a look at the Shining Star winners who attended the ceremony, along with highlights from the week. The complete list of Shining Star winners and their contributions to safety and wellness on campus is posted on the Risk website.