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Curriculum Statement (April 4, 2021)

The Association of Alberta Deans of Education (AADE) is composed of all accredited faculties of education across public, private, and faith-based post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

As Minister LaGrange has noted, AADE was consulted on an earlier draft of the Alberta K-6 curriculum and appreciates the opportunity afforded us to provide feedback. However, consultation does not mean we endorse the curriculum in its current form.

We are committed to the implementation of a curriculum for Alberta students that is age-appropriate, based on current educational research and reflective of 21st century learners. We do value that the Minister and Ministry have asked for our continued participation and we look forward to further consultation on the draft curriculum.

We encourage Albertans to provide feedback on the draft K-6 curriculum through the following mechanisms:


Dr. Henry Algera, Kings University
Dr. Martine Cavanagh, Campus-St. Jean, University of Alberta
Dr. Dianne Gereluk, University of Calgary
Dr. Craig Loewen, University of Lethbridge
Dr. Sherry Martens, Ambrose University
Dr. Stephen Price, Mount Royal University
Dr. Edgar Schmidt, Concordia University of Edmonton
Dr. Jennifer Tupper, University of Alberta
Dr. Sarah Twomey, St. Mary’s University
Dr. Chloe Weir, Burman University