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Visiting Scholars and Post-Docs

All scholars who wish to visit the Werklund School of Education are required to complete a Visiting Scholar form.

Please note that the application package must include a 1-2 page outline of proposed program of scholarly work during the applicant's visit in the Werklund School of Education. The plan should be written in collaboration with the Werklund School host, explaining the synergies between the proposed scholarly program, the host's areas of scholarship, the Werklund School's research priorities (view faculty members' profiles) and the University of Calgary’s Strategic Research Plan. If your research falls outside of the Werklund School of Education research priorities, please provide a strong rationale for the significance of the research to the Werklund School of Education. Applications will primarily be evaluated according to quality of the research plan.

This application is for individuals who are self-funded, hold a permanent faculty position at a degree-granting institution abroad, to which they will return, and who is invited to carry out research, or collaborate on research or teach students. Please be advised that due to recent changes in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regulations, the application process may take up to one month or more to process.

If submitting a Visiting Scholar Form:

  • A complete application package (more details in the application form) should be submitted by the Werklund School of Education host as one PDF document to educsupport@ucalgary.ca
  • The application will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Research or the Associate Dean of Internationalization, and the Vice Dean. If approved, the host and the applicant will receive a notification letter detailing next steps in the process.

Upon completion and submission of the Werklund School Visiting Scholar form, and subsequent approval, the applicant must follow University of Calgary and Government of Canada immigration requirements prior arrival. A visa, if applicable, is the responsibility of the applicant and must be arranged prior to arrival. We also strongly encourage all potential visiting scholars to review Important Conditions Note to Applicant and Host section in the application form prior to submitting the application.

Visiting Scholar submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. Completed packages should be submitted by the host to educsupport@ucalgary.ca.

Please direct your inquiries to educsupport@ucalgary.ca.

If the visiting scholar is applying as a visiting student, please see the link to the possible pathways and application process as stated by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Post-Doc Hiring Process

A Postdoctoral Scholar is the next step in an academic career path after earning a PhD. This is a temporary research position that prepares one for their academic career. Postdoctoral Scholars work under the supervision of a mentor, either on a specific project that both mentor and Postdoctoral Scholar collaborate on or one of their own design. 

During their tenure, Postdoctoral Scholars will challenge faculty to consider new research directions in a collaborative manner, mentor graduate students, write grants and, in some cases, teach (see details about teaching later).