What does reconciliation mean to me?

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Understanding Reconciliation

Listening to, and learning from

Listening to, and learning from

Individual, private acts: Indigenous books – Indigenous films – Indigenous music

Walking with, and learning from

Walking with, and learning from

Public acts: Attendance at indigenous-led events (ex: Sisters in Spirit)

Working with, and learning from

Working with, and learning from

Complex relationship: Working on community projects designed by or with Indigenous peoples, or led by Indigenous peoples

Video Gallery

Yvonne Poitras Pratt

Liza Lorenzetti Family Video

Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn

Nyre Kirby

Ellen Perrault

Joan Farkas

Andrea Mann

Patricia Danyluk

Mick Elliott

Tiffany Prete

Isaac Malok

Rosemary Brown

Colleen Reilly

Ana Kolaric

Liza Lorenzetti

Chantai Minet

Roxanne Ferguson

Holly Lafont

Miriam Meir

Ava Danyluk

Amy Thompson

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In keeping with the Indigenous Strategy at the University of Calgary, this project and the videos submitted are a contemporary way to share narratives and commitments to reconciliation. Storytelling connects ways of knowing, doing and being, all of which are essential to move forward with our roles in reconciliation.