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Trump-Biden debate: A locker room brawl in the midst of COVID-19 crisis

The first debate of the U.S. presidential election was a disturbing but unsurprising display of white privileged masculinity, writes Michael Kehler, Werklund School of Education, in Conversation Canada

Beyond the locker room: Coronavirus isolation is an opportunity to teach boys about toxic masculinity

Many boys will be happy to avoid the culture of the school locker room during the coronavirus, writes Michael Kehler, Werklund School of Education, in Conversation Canada

Myles Garrett, Don Cherry and the changing nature of the sports boys club

Michael Kehler, Werklund School of Education, writing in Conversation Canada

Are Men Talking?

The Werklund School’s Michael Kehler discusses (Un) learning What it Means to be a Man After #MeToo


New Masculinities For Older Boys

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Why Study Masculinities?

Masculinities Studies research operates from a profeminist standpoint. As such researchers in the field conduct research that draws on feminist theories addressing gender identities. Specifically masculinities scholars argue that masculinities are fluid, socially constructed and that the ways in which boys and men take up “projects of masculinity” are connected to power relations. Along this line masculinities studies draws on feminist stand point to interrogate how and when men enact, perform masculinities and how this intersects within a matricies of power including sexualities class, and raced identities.

People might be interested in masculinities studies because it further contributes to an already burgeoning field that examines and raises critical questions about injustices and inequities in societies. Extending past research, masculinities studies continues to interrogate issues of power as they emerge from how masculinities are navigated and constructed in daily interactions.

The primary goal for a Research Professorship in Masculinities Studies in Education is to clearly launch a research agenda that connects within and beyond the university communities. In doing so the goal of this research professorship is to create a dynamic and vibrant research community that contributes to a transformative scholarly community with practical implications within education and beyond.

Recent Publications

"I don't think my torso is anything to write home about": Men's reflexive production of 'authentic' photos for online dating platforms 


“It’s nice to be appreciated”: Understanding men’s engagements with sexting and practices of sending Dick Pics to women". Sexualities, 1-24,

Rowing upstream: Men as agents of change resisting homophobia in sport.

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 Michael Kehler

Michael Kehler

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Kehler completed his undergraduate degree s (B. A. Hons, B.Ed) at Queens’ University. Following years of teaching high school English within Canada and abroad, Dr. Kehler pursued his Ph. D from Michigan State University. He taught at the Faculty of Education and Womens’ Studies at Western University, London, Ontario for 17 years before accepting the positon as Research Professor in Masculinities’ Studies in Education at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education.

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Additional Works and Resources

Waling, A., Kehler, M., Power, J., Kerr, L., Bourne, A. (2022). ‘I don’t think my torso is anything to write home about’: men’s reflexive production of ‘authentic’ photos for online dating platforms. Journal of Gender Studies. ‘I don’t think my torso is anything to write home about’: men’s reflexive production of ‘authentic’ photos for online dating platforms: Journal of Gender Studies: Vol 0, No 0 (

Kehler, M. & C. Borduas (2021) ‘Isn’t that a girl problem?’: Boys, bodies, and the discourse of denial.  Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 14(2), pp. 65-89.

Waling, A., L. Kerr, A. Bourne, J. Power, M. Kehler (2020) “It’s nice to be appreciated”: Understanding men’s engagements with sexting and practices of sending Dick Pics to women". Sexualities, 1-24,

Kehler, M., T. Fowler, C. Borduas (2020) Masculinity, violence, and privilege: An examination of ongoing challenges within hockey and sport culture. Prepared and submitted to the National Hockey League-Melissa Parnagian, Brian Blake, Paul LaCaruba, February 18.  

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SSHRC COVID-19: School spaces, school places: Examining adolescents masculinities during the COVID-19 pandemic: With growing concern about the social and education implications of COVID-19, newly launched initiatives are being called to action in uncovering the significance of gender-based analysis (GBA+) during pandemic times. For our SSHRC funded project, in partnership with the Centre for Sexuality, this exploratory research examines how the social construction and materialization of masculine subjectivities, how boys "do boy," may be negotiated and possibly reconfigured in home schooled spaces during COVID-19 times. The examination of masculinities in pre, during, and post COVID-19 times supports an investigation into how school spaces (home, regular school) regulate the (de)construction of rules and norms of masculinities that students implicitly and explicitly understand. Central questions include: To what extent do actual spaces and places (school, home) produce and regulate the construction of teen masculinities? Which forms of adolescent masculinities, prevalent in secondary schools, are challenged in COVID times? Which forms of "adaptive masculinities" emerge in relation to the shifting socio-cultural context in which boys are schooled?

SOTL: Schooling masculinities in teacher education: Disruptive practices, transformative pedagogies in gender and education: This project is designed to introduce and respond to ongoing issues teacher candidates address with regards to gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in Alberta schools and specifically boys, bullying, homophobia and sexism. This project is two-fold in scope and focus. Our primary objective is to better understand to what degree an intentionally designed, optional course can disrupt teaching/thinking about gender in education and directly influence teacher's pedagogical practices. In other words, our team is examining the "what is" in the process of teaching and learning. Additionally, this project will explore how students learn about gender issues in education, more specifically masculinities in education and how that might inform teaching practice and teacher education

M3: Media, Masculinities, Mental Health: This project investigates the relationship between men’s engagement with online dating, and erotic imagery production practices.  

  • The aims of this project include 1) understanding the relationship between potential male body image anxieties and/or confidences and online dating platforms; and 2) examining the role of online dating platforms in the wider sense of mental and sexual health and, and overall well-being of young men.

Athletes for Action: This project explores and evaluates the experiences of contributors to the Worldwide Roar; an innovative, immersive approach to promoting healthy masculinities and allyship in sport. In partnership with Dr. Brendan Gough & Dr. Adam Lowe of Leeds Beckett University, UK, this project is commissioned by Sport Allies to produce a report on current research regarding homophobia, gender, and sporting culture.  

  1. Podcasts and Webinars

    Kehler, M. D. (2022) - OnBoys: Sport, Masculinity, and Navigating the Playing Field

    Kehler, M. D. (2021) - Modern Manhood: Boys, Sport, and Homophobia

    Kehler, M. D. (2021) - What Does it Mean to be a Man? VIV Mental Health with Kristopher Marks 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Rethinking Masculinity - Panel Discussion

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - In that Moment, You're Scared: Boys and Hazing 

    Kehler, M, D. (2018) - Peer Review Podcast: Men and Masculinities in the Post #MeToo Movement 

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - Men and Masculinities: Rethinking the Rules that Delineate Masculinity - A Conversation with Michael Kehler and Wali Shah

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - What is the Future of Gender in Canadian Society 

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - What Does it Mean to be a Man?

  2. TV and Radio Discussions

    Kehler, M. D. (2021) - Sexual Violence Crisis at Western University

    Kehler, M. D. (2021) - Addressing Sexual Assault at Post-Secondary Schools

    Kehler, M. D. (2021) - New Book Questions What it Means to be a Modern Man

    Kehler, M. D. (2020) - Pandemic Creates Historic Moment to End Macho Culture

    Kehler M. D. (2020) - Masculinity Under the Microscope 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Men and Boys Can Be Allies for Gender Equality 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Feds to Commit to Feminist Engagement and Gender Equality 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Ottawa Commits to Bring Men into Fight for Gender Equality 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - #MeToo: What Happens When Men Take Action to Change 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - The Inner Workings of Locker Room Culture 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Masculinity and Sport 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Bring all the Boys to the Room

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Did Gillette Miss the Mark with It's Toxic Masculinity Ad?

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Mass Praise and Outrage over Gillette's #MeToo Commercial 

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Hundreds Brave Cold Temperatures in Women's March

    Kehler, M. D. (2019) - Masculinities Professor Applauds Gillette Ad

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - Tackling Toxic Masculinity 

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - What's Next for #MeToo?

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - Being a Man in #MeToo

    Kehler, M. D. (2018) - Boys to Men: #MeToo and University of Calgary Lectures 

Writing Retreat

Research Into Masculinities at Werklund

Meet the Graduate Student Team

We are a group research students examining the ways in which masculinities are constructed and performed.

Dr. Chris Borduas (Right) - Chris is recently finished his PhD with Michael and his research focuses on masculine subjectivities, specifically from an allyship lens. His work also examines physical and health education, physical cultures, inclusive education, and transformative pedagogies.   

Cam Carley - Cam is a Master's student who's research is rooted within masculinities studies, specifically queer masculinities. Cam's research focuses on the multiplicities of interactions that queer men have had with heterosexual men in adolescence.  

Dr. Gabe Knot-Fayle (Left) - Dr Gabriel Knott-Fayle is Postdoctoral Associate of Masculinities in Education Studies at the University of Calgary's Werklund School of Education. He completed his PhD in Communication and Media and has researched areas of gender, sports, media, cisgenderism, masculinities and discourse

Find out more about the programs available in the link below.

More Information

"Queers in Sports” with Gabriel Knott-Fayle

Quick Chat: The Mask You Live In Panel Discussion

Quick Chat Michael Kehler: Masculinities Studies

Quick Chat Michael Kehler: Addressing Homophobia in Sport

Calgary’s Silver Gummy Foundation — which strives to use education as a means of reducing male-perpetrated sexual and domestic violence — made a gift of $250,000 to UCalgary to support the new Professorship in Masculinities Studies at the Werklund School of Education.