Dec. 7, 2020

Professor published in environmental law textbook

Professor Sharon Mascher has published a chapter in Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law.

Sharon's chapter, titled "Canada, the US and International Environmental Law," discusses the key bilateral environmental treaties that exists between these two countries, many of which provide examples of innovative and flexible approaches to the cooperative management of shared environmental resources including freshwater, migratory species and airsheds.

This book critically explores the legal tools, concepts, principles and instruments, as well as cross-cutting issues, that comprise the field of international environmental law. Commencing with foundational elements, progressing on to discrete sub-fields, then exploring regional cooperative approaches, cross-cutting issues and finally emerging challenges for international environmental law, it features chapters by leading experts in the field of international environmental law, drawn from a range of countries in order to put forward a truly global approach to the subject.

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