May 17, 2023

Publication News: Two articles on developing virtual gaming simulation modules to teach gender-based violence inter-professionally

Professor Jennifer Koshan co-authored the articles for Journal of Family Violence and Journal of Social Work Education.

Professor Jennifer Koshan has two recent publications from a cross-faculty project developing virtual gaming simulation modules to teach gender-based violence inter-professionally.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) involves any form of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse including controlling behaviors by an intimate partner. Front line service workers such as social workers, nurses, lawyers, and physicians are often the first professionals to come into contact with individuals experiencing IPV but are often inadequately prepared to respond appropriately as IPV education is highly variable. Experiential learning (EL), also known as learning by doing, has gained much attention from educators; however, the extent and type of EL strategies used to teach IPV competencies has not yet been explored. "A Scoping Review on the Use of Experiential Learning in Professional Education on Intimate Partner Violence," published in Journal of Family Violence, has the goal of extracting what is known from the literature about the use of EL strategies to teach IPV competencies to front line service providers.

The article was co-authored by Aurora Allison, JD'23, Ambereen Weerahandi, Torri Johnson, Jennifer Koshan, Georgina Bagstad, Carla Ferreira, Angelique Jenney, Breanne A Krut, and Krista Wollny.

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"Developing Virtual Gaming Simulations to Promote Interdisciplinary Learning in Addressing Intimate Partner and Gender-Based Violence" describes a teaching and learning project which expanded access to experiential, interdisciplinary learning across three faculties (social work, nursing, law) by using virtual gaming simulation-based learning (VGSBL). Processes of development and implementation are discussed, along with recommendations for further integration of VGSBL in addressing grand challenges of social work education such as interdisciplinary collaboration in responding to gender-based violence (GBV).

The article was co-authored by Angelique Jenney, Jennifer Koshan, Carla Ferreira, Narmin Nikdel, Christina Tortorelli, Torri Johnson, Aurora Allison, JD'23, Breanne Krut, Ambereen Weerahandi, Krista Wollny, Nathan Pronyshyn and Georgina Marie Bagstad.

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Jennifer will be presenting this research at the Canadian Association of Law Teachers Conference in Toronto on May 29, 2023.  

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