June 7, 2023

Quantum research momentum continues with $1.7M investment in research and training

UCalgary is at forefront of creating quantum ecosystem in Alberta with Quantum City
Daniel Oblak, left, and postdoc Hanen Chenini observe the optical setup used for experiments in quantum communication. University of Calgary files

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has announced $1.7 million in funding for University of Calgary quantum research. The grants were awarded to projects that will help advance the goals outlined in Canada’s National Quantum Strategy.

“This investment highlights the important role that UCalgary researchers and Quantum City will play in advancing quantum science and technology,” says Dr. William Ghali, vice-president (research). “With the support of NSERC and the National Quantum Strategy, we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of quantum research and innovation in Alberta and beyond.”

“NSERC’s funding of quantum research echoes the importance of advancing quantum innovation nationally, regionally, and locally. This funding will allow us to continue crucial research as we move towards commercialization of quantum applications,” says grant recipient Dr. Barry Sanders, PhD.

Sanders, professor in the Faculty of Science and scientific director of Quantum City, has received NSERC Alliance funding to lead “the inaugural meeting of the Canada-France Quantum Alliance” alongside Dr. Louis Taillefer, PhD, from Université de Sherbrooke. Sanders will also be collaborating on a second NSERC Alliance grant with Dr. Douglas Stebila, PhD, from the University of Waterloo to study the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography.

Quantum satellite ground station in action

Quantum satellite ground station in action.

Daniel Oblak

Dr. Daniel Oblak, PhD, assistant professor, Faculty of Science, has received a prestigious Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) grant, to provide training in applied skills of quantum computing and build quantum talent with industry skills in Canada. The CREATE grant will support the anticipated rapid growth of the quantum marketplace in Canada, with an immediate focus to fill the talent gap in the quantum computing industry.

Additionally, Dr. Shabir Barzanjeh, PhD, assistant professor, Faculty of Science, received an NSERC Alliance International Catalyst Quantum Grant to further the research on “microwave to optical quantum transducer using mechanical resonators,” which studies quantum devices designed to faithfully convert quantum information between physical systems with disparate information carriers.

The funding reflects Canada’s federal position on the future of quantum, as outlined in the National Quantum Strategy. UCalgary is on the forefront of creating a quantum ecosystem in Alberta with Quantum City, a world-leading quantum commercialization hub driving a thriving quantum technology ecosystem in Alberta.

Researchers from across Alberta associated with Quantum City are also collaborating on several grants led by other institutions. These include:

  • Alliance for Research and Applications of Quantum Network Entanglement (ARAQNE) – Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc, PhD, University of Alberta with UCalgary co-applicants Dr. Christoph Simon, PhD; Dr. John Davis, PhD; Dr. Paul Barclay, PhD; Barzanjeh and Oblak
  • QEYSSat User Investigation Team (QUINT) – Dr. Thomas Jennewein, PhD, University of Waterloo with UCalgary co-applicants Simon and Oblak
  • Hybrid Quantum Interfaces (HQI) – Dr. Mathieu Juan, PhD, L'Université de Sherbrooke with UCalgary co-applicants Barclay, Barzanjeh and Oblak
  • Accelerating the Transition to Quantum-Resistant Cryptography – Dr. Douglas Stebila, PhD, University of Waterloo with UCalgary co-applicants Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini, PhD; Sanders and Oblak

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