2019 Teacher's Guide - The Land You Live On: An Education Guide

by Native Land Digital


Publisher's Description (Native Land Digital):
Hello from Vancouver, as well as from the team at Native-Land.ca! Native Land is a tool that maps out Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages. We initially began in North America and have spread increasingly worldwide, and new areas are added regularly. This tool is not meant to be an official, legal, or archival resource. It is instead a broadly researched and crowdsourced body of information. It is meant to encourage education and engagement on topics of Indigenous land—particularly, where you are located. Native Land brings about discussions of colonization, land rights, language, and Indigenous history tied to our personal histories. We hope this guide makes you, the reader, want to know about the land you live on. The major goals of this guide are to: - Encourage discussion of topics on Indigenous history and geography - Suggest exercises that increase students’ awareness of the history of the land around them - Help teachers discuss the rich and diverse cultures that have evolved from the land where they teach and live

Author Biography (Native Land Digital):
Native Land Digital is a Canadian not-for-profit organization, incorporated in December 2018. Native Land Digital is Indigenous-led, with an Indigenous Executive Director and majority Indigenous Board of Directors who oversee and direct the organization. Numerous non-Indigenous people also contribute as members of our Advisory Council. The Board of Directors govern finances, set priorities, and appoint staff members as required.

Resource type: Digital media, teaching material/guide

Age recommendation: Grades 7-9, 10-12

Keywords: Land acknowledgment, Indigenous histories, environment, land, place, tradition, Indigenous knowledges, cultures, traditions, maps, territories, reclamation, Indigenous futurity, growth

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher information: Native Land Digital