Napi and the Rock

Napi and the Rock

by Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra


Publisher's Description (Calgary Philharmonic and Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society):
Discover the traditional Blackfoot story of Napi and the Rock in a new virtual performance combining music and drama. This special collaboration with Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society features music by Cris Derksen and Sonny-Ray Day Rider performed by Calgary Phil musicians, combined with engaging storytelling and set design.

Creator Biography (
Today, Making Treaty 7 operates as a non-profit entity with federal charity status and is governed by a board of directors with representation from each of the Treaty 7 communities. Through its evolution, Making Treaty 7 has partnered with diverse cultural organizations dedicated to lifting Indigenous voices and making a difference in their communities. We continue to host events, put on theatre productions and educate the public on Indigenous affairs, human rights issues, and the culture and identity of historic and present Indigenous peoples.

Resource type: Digital / media / art

Age recommendation: K-3, grades 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, Post Secondary, Inclusive Education

Keywords: Youth, Identity, Lanugage, Land, Environment, Place, Stories, Story, Storytelling, Legend, Blackfoot

Year of publication: 2021

Publisher information: Alberta Government, Calgary Philharmonic and Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society