Wild Berries

Wild Berries

by Julie Flett


This book includes the main text in English, and many choice words and phrases are also repeated in Swampy Cree. The back of the book includes a pronunciation guide. Another version of this book is available with n-dialect Cree. This beautifully illustrated picturebook follows a young boy and his grandma as they go blueberry picking in the woods. Along the trip, Clarence and his grandmother sustainably harvest blueberries while greeting and enacting reciprocity with other creatures in the area.

Resource format: Picturebook

Age recommendation: Pre-K - Grade 3

Keywords: Swampy Cree, pronunciation guide, young boy, sustainable harvest, kinship, dialect, language

Year of publication: 2013

Publisher information: Simply Read Books


Teaching and Learning Ideas

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Wild Berries Grades K-2 Lesson

Wild Berries Special Education Unit Plan