Partner Teachers


Why Partner with a Pre-Service Teacher?

Hosting a pre-service teacher is not only a valuable way to ensure continued excellence in your profession, but it also serves as an excellent leadership and professional development opportunity for you!


Want to Become a Partner Teacher?

Partner teachers require:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor of Education degree, or its equivalent, as approved by the Minister of Education, and a Permanent Teaching Certificate
  • A minimum of three years of successful teaching
  • An interest in, and a positive attitude toward, teaching and working with university students
  • Ability to effectively discuss teaching and learning
  • Ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal skills and apply proactive communication skills
  • A willingness to assist student teachers throughout their field experience, by providing in-class demonstrations of more effective teaching strategies
  • A willingness to continue his/her professional development and to take part in consultations, meetings and workshops related to the field experiences
  • Ability to project a favourable image of the profession