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On/In Demand: Werklund School academics share salient expertise on complex issues impacting communities.

Alberta Curriculum Revision

David Scott and Maren Aukerman join Stephen Hurley for an insightful conversation that explores Alberta’s K-6 curriculum review process and the direction the provincial government is taking in regard to content.
Courtesy of voicEd Radio: Hurley in The Morning

Nurturing empathy in uncertain times

Learning and communication technology has changed the way children develop emotional intelligence. We face a crossroads in education that requires purposeful decisions about policy and curriculum to help nurture empathy in children.  

Educator and parenting expert Mary Gordon and Werklund School of Education Dean Dianne Gereluk discuss how parents and educators can encourage empathy in children and help them see the power of diverse views. 

Curriculum Round Table

As Albertans continue to demand the provincial government hit pause on the questionable K-6 curriculum, Dr. Yvonne Poitras Pratt, joins a panel of experts to unpack what's problematic about the draft, why, and what citizens can do about it.
Courtesy of Real Talk Ryan Jespersen

Weight-neutral Health Promotion in Schools

Shelly Russell-Mayhew talks about weight bias, promoting holistic health at school, responding to weight-based bullying and methods for making schools more accepting of everybody.

What makes teens tick?

Teenagers often get a bad rap for being a scourge on society for the types of choices they make. Fortunately, researchers focused on brain development in teenagers have a better understanding of why teens go through this stage that can be challenging both for them and the adults who love them.

Research shared by Gabrielle Wilcox and Frank MacMaster sheds light on the unique strengths and challenges of teenagers and how some of the behaviours that adults find difficult are actually essential for the journey to adulthood.

Shifting Linguistic Landscapes

Dr. Rahat Naqvi brings together a band of experts to explore how multilingual and transcultural strategies can advance equity and inclusion in our schools. Discover research-informed strategies to bring multilingual, transcultural and culturally sustaining pedagogies into our classrooms and districts.

Courtesy of voicEd Radio: Hurley in The Morning