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Current Student FAQs

Unfortunately not: for newly admitted After-Degrees, this is because you technically don't 'exist' as a student until the fall term. For Four-Year and Concurrent students, this is because your courses have been built into a very deliberate sequence: the courses offered in the summer are intended to be taken either alongside or after your other 400-levels, due to the seniority of their content.

Work in class: Speak with your instructor first, and then the Director, Student Experience if you continue to experience difficulty.

Field placement: Speak with your field instructor first, and then the Director, Field Experience, if need be.

Personal and/or financial problems: Speak with whomever you feel comfortable, but make sure you speak to someone. If these issues are affecting your performance in the program, you should speak with your instructors, and your Director, Student Experience. We are here to help you, and can refer you to the multitude student supports on campus, or even refer you to an outside agency, as need be.

My instructor: If you have concerns that you have been unable to resolve with the instructor, you should make an appointment to see the Director, Student Experience.

If you are concerned about a piece of graded term work, please check out the Reappraisal process here.

If you are concerned about a final course grade, please read up on that process here. Please note that reappraisals for final grades should be initiated as soon as is possible - for academic coursework, please reach out to your instructor immediately, and then your Director, Student Experience; for field courses, please reach out to your Director, Field Experience immediately.

Visit this PDF for Werklund's appeal policy, and this page for the appeals process at the University of Calgary.