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Four-Year On-Campus Bachelor of Education

Your four-year on-campus pathway

This pathway will see you obtain your degree in the shortest allowable time period, allowing you to start your Education major courses sooner, and ensures that you get a great breadth of coursework, helpful for teaching in Alberta's Kindergarten through Grade 12 classrooms!

Important dates and upcoming events

Suggested program sequence

Please Note: You must successfully complete EDUC 201 before taking your 400-level EDUC courses. Additionally, the 400-level and 500-level courses are taken as distinct semesters - you cannot take any non-Education courses during your Education terms, nor can you 'mix and match' with other EDUC classes. If you have incorrectly registered in your 400-level or 500-level EDUC courses, you will be removed, and asked to correct your registration.

Year 1*

Fall Term

EDUC 201 | Fine Arts | Math or Science | Teachable | Elective

Winter Term

Literature | Canadian Studies | Teachable | 2 Electives

*Check out our Experiential Learning opportunities!

Year 2

Fall Term*

EDUC 420 | EDUC 427 | EDUC 430 | EDUC 435 | EDUC 440 (Field I)

Winter Term

Psychology | 3 Teachables | Elective

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Year 3*

Fall Term

Health | 3 Teachables | Elective

Winter Term

EDUC 445 | EDUC 450 | EDUC 456 | EDUC 460 | EDUC 465 (Field II)

*Interested in the Honours pathway? Apply this year!

Year 4

Fall Term*

EDUC 521 | EDUC 525 | EDUC 530 | EDUC 535 | EDUC 540 (Field III)

*Opportunity to participate in Teaching Across Borders!

Winter Term

EDUC 551 | EDUC 556 | EDUC 56X Series | EDUC 560 (Field IV)

Specific program requirements

All Four-Year On-Campus students will complete 120 units, comprised of 21 EDUC major courses, 6 foundational courses, 5 electives, and 8 teachable subject area courses. The breakdowns for each requirement group are below.

EDUC 201*

Education Semester 1: EDUC 420 | EDUC 427 | EDUC 430 | EDUC 435 | EDUC 440**

Education Semester 2: EDUC 445 | EDUC 450 | EDUC 456 | EDUC 460 | EDUC 465

Education Semester 3: EDUC 521 | EDUC 525 | EDUC 530 | EDUC 535 | EDUC 540

Education Semester 4: EDUC 551 | EDUC 556 | EDUC 56X Series | EDUC 560***

* Non-majors interested in taking this course should read and fill out the web-form.

** Check out our Registration Guide for EDUC 400 and 500-level semester details.

*** Visit our course outlines for EDUC class details! 


English or French Literature | Psychology | Fine Arts  | Science (can also be fulfilled by Mathematics) | Canadian Studies | Health and Wellness*


All students must take 5 elective courses.

*See our foundational and elective suggestions, below! You can also check out the Calendar for a detailed list of acceptable foundational courses. Simply select your Four-Year pathway by your chosen teachable subject area, and then click on the 'Program Details' tab. 

If you're considering a more senior-level course to fulfill your English requirement, consider ENGL 520: Community Engagement through Literature, in association with the Calgary Public Library!

Check out the Calendar for a detailed list of your eight required teachable courses, by subject area. Simply select your Four-Year pathway by your chosen teachable subject area, and then click on the 'Program Details' tab. 

We know that finding a course to fulfill some of your foundational requirements can be daunting! Check out our list of suggestions, below, for ideas. If you find another course that you think might fulfill a foundational requirement not listed, please send an email to, and we'll get it reviewed. You can also refer to your Academic Requirements report for a full list of options.

  1. Electives

    *Excluding EDUC 201. To take another 200-level for an elective, please add your email to our web-form.

    **If mandated for your teachable, specified 300-levels cannot also be used towards your Electives.

    Considering the Honours pathway? Your Honours classes can also meet elective requirements! Because admission and coursework doesn't occur until the final year of your program, we encourage you to connect with an Advisor to chat about how to plan your degree!

  2. Fine Arts

    *If mandated in the teachable requirements, Fine Arts students cannot also utilize the above courses towards the foundational requirement.

  3. Canadian Studies

    *Social Studies and Revitalization students must take an additional course in Canadian Studies.

  4. Health and Wellness


To start, we suggest that you refer to the ‘program sequence’ and 'specific program requirements' sections, above, to get an overall idea of your degree, and its requirements. Then, check out the information, below!

Registration at UofC

The Registrar's Office has great 'how-to' registration tutorials and resources.

Learn more about how to register

Schedule Builder

To help plan your weekly timetable, take advantage of Schedule Builder, accessible through your MyUofC.

Using Schedule Builder

First Year Students

We know that picking out your first year of courses can be intimidating - that's why we've created the First Year Degree Guide!

Check out your suggested first year courses

EDUC Terms

If you are continuing student heading into a  400 or 500-level EDUC course term, you'll want to take a look at our detailed Registration Guide.

Visit the Guide

Academic Requirements

It's 8.32pm at night, and an Advisor isn't available! How do you know if the course you picked out fits into your degree? You can utilize our degree-auditing system, Academic Requirements! This system will show you where past, current, and even planned courses fit into your degree!

Learn how to use Academic Requirements

What If

What if I take that Anthropology class? What if I want to change my teachable? My major? Academic Requirements can help out with that, too, via its 'What If' report!

How to create a what-if scenario

No transfer credit ever applies to Education major courses: you must complete all mandated EDUC classes in order to obtain your degree. Any transfer credit awarded can only work towards fulfilling non-Education classes. Previously completed coursework that is more than ten years old, either from other post-secondary institutions or the University of Calgary, will not ordinarily be used towards any degree requirements.

Check out the Registrar's guide to enrolling as a transfer student. You should additionally utilize your Academic Requirements report to see how your prior courses fit into your degree. If Academic Requirements is not assigning a course to a particular requirement - and you think that it should be  - send us an email at for further review!

Future Student or just admitted? Utilize Transfer Credit at UCalgary and Transfer Alberta in the meantime.

Four-Year students are eligible to add a minor or embedded certificate to their program, but should be aware of the following:

1. Due to the composition of this degree's requirements, completing a minor may require that you take more than the minimum-mandated 120 units ordinarily required. Please ensure you understand the progression, enrolment, motivational, and financial factors surrounding this!

2. Students may not declare a minor within the same field in which they are already pursuing a teachable subject area.

3. Minors can only be declared through the change of program process, open between October 1st and February 1st. Minors will not be added outside of these application dates.


All University of Calgary students must use their accounts for any and all University of Calgary or degree-related correspondence. Email will not be sent to personal accounts.

You must additionally ensure to include your eight-digit UCID number in all correspondence.

Non-Standard Scheduling

Please note that Education courses are scheduled with 'non-standard' dates and times, and may differ from those semester timelines that you are used to in your non-Education courses. You should anticipate courses or field placements that run outside of regular semester dates.

Student Information

As a student in professional program, it is your responsibility to thoroughly review and abide by the information contained in the following pages:

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Funding and scholarships

The University of Calgary and the Werklund School of Education offer a number of awards and resources to help fund your education.


Enhance your degree

Get involved with our amazing experiential learning opportunities, from Service-Learning to Teaching Across Borders, Mentorship and more!

Campus Life

Undergraduate research

Engage with research beyond your courses through Werklund's numerous opportunities for undergraduate student research.