Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning Opportunities match pre-service teachers with experienced educators in the community. These opportunities build on students' coursework and field experiences to prepare them for entry into the teaching profession.

A hand painting blue and white circles

Arts Co-Curricular Enhancement (ACE)

Pursue five different arts experiences to expand your undergraduate education.

Youth holds magnifying glass.

Canadian Wildlife Federation Workshop Series

Join CWF to explore the fundamentals of environmental education. Participate in a series of interactive workshops including Environmental Education 101, Project WILD, and Below Zero.

Group of students in a field with mountains in the background

Teacher as Naturalist

Join the Biogeosciences Institute (BGI) team for exciting new opportunities to explore your skill set with the Teacher as Naturalist series.

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Dare to Care Webinars

When COVID-19 struck, and schools shut their doors indefinitely, Dare to Care took that opportunity to 'lift and shift' our in-person flagship programs to more in depth on-line modules.

Child staring at mountains in Kananaskis

Engaging Students with Enquiry in Nature

Create testable questions that students can examine in the world around them.

Aerial view of UCalgary campus

Interdisciplinary PLC at William Aberhart High School

Design and implement an interdisciplinary project for students in Grade 10-12.

STEM Field Trip to BGI

STEM Field Trip to BioGeoscience Institute

Experience how teachers design and use STEM in the natural world.

Beakerhead large snake on fire

Beakerhead Virtual School Outreach Program

Development of adaptable prompts, projects, and activity ideas for Beakerhead program guides that connect Beakerhead’s STEAM content to specific science, math, arts and social studies curriculum. Focus on interdisciplinary, learner-led projects, Design Thinking, and designing resources for use by other educators.

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