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Undergraduate research awards

Undergraduate research awards provide students with the opportunity to pursue research between May and August with the supervision of a faculty member. Students are able to delve into a research topic that is in alignment with their interests, deepening their understanding in the area and gaining research skills and experience. Considering a research award? Explore application details, below!


Visit our Werklund Undergraduate Research page for further information on the benefits of participating, tips from past undergraduate researchers, and a listing of past research projects!

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Review the PURE Program webpage, which has a number of resources for those interested in applying.

Learn more about PURE awards


Find a supervisor and prepare your applications. Reach out to Undergraduate Programs in Education if you require assistance connecting with a supervisor.


Remember to apply to both the PURE Program and the Werklund Undergraduate Research Award, which requires two separate applications - see details below.

I ended up meeting so many interesting people and learning about things I never expected. I also had a few shifts in my perception…. [PURE] was honestly a life changing experience.

Savannah Poirier Hollander

PURE award recipient, 2020

Research award details

The Undergraduate Research Awards provide financial support to University of Calgary undergraduates to conduct research for 8, 12, or 16 weeks between May and August.

  1. Award Value and Deadline

    • Friday, February 2, 2024, at 11.59pm MT
    • Variable, depending on length of proposed research:
      • 8-week awards are in the amount of $3,750
      • 12-week awards are in the amount of $5,625
      • 16-week awards are in the amount of $7,500
  2. Criteria

    • Students must be continuing in their program (students who plan to graduate in June are ineligible)
    • Research is to be conducted on a full-time basis for periods of 8, 12, or 16 weeks, occurring between May and August
    • Research proposals must originate with, and be drafted principally by, the student applicant 
    • Student must also apply for the PURE Program to be eligible for this award. Only one award can be accepted, and the PURE Program takes precedence over the Werklund Undergraduate Research Award
    • Student must be in Good Academic Standing in their current program
  3. Application Details

    1. Review the Terms of Reference and Application form
    2. Reach out to faculty members who may be interested in supervising your research. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Undergraduate Programs in Education office at
    3. Once you have identified a supervisor, discuss your research project and prepare your application
    4. Submit your applications. Remember, you must submit an application for the PURE program in order to be considered for the Werklund Undergraduate Research Award. Your application to the Werklund Undergraduate Research Award should be submitted via email as a Microsoft Word or PDF file, titled ‘lastname.firstname_WURA_2024’ (i.e. Smith.John_WURA_2024) to

    Note: Please expect that you may not receive a response to your application until April.

  1. Value and deadline

    • Variable, up to $7500.00
    • Student Application Deadline: February 2, 2024
    • Supervisor Reference Deadline: February 9, 2024
  2. Program details

    • The Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) provides financial support to University of Calgary undergraduates to conduct research between May and August
    • Review the information available on the PURE program site, make note of any upcoming information sessions, and make a plan to attend
  3. Application details

    • Visit the PURE site for information on application requirements and submission
    • Remember to apply to the Werklund Undergraduate Research Award as well, to increase your chances!

This award allowed me to take the concepts that we’ve been learning, and specifically apply them to my own specialization and teaching context. I’ve learned so much throughout this project, and I have already begun implementing the findings of this literature review with students at a school that I work with.

Michael Larocque

Werklund Undergraduate Research Award Recipient, 2023

French Proficiency Improvement Grant

The French Proficiency Improvement Grant is granted to two students to help support their improvement of French competency, or to practice French language in a French learning setting, in the Spring and/or Summer between their EDUC 400 and 500-level courses.

  1. Value and Deadline

    • Up to $1500
    • April 11th, 2024, 4.00pm MST
  2. Criteria

    • Education students are eligible to apply when they will be entering their EDUC 500-level courses in the upcoming Fall term;
    • Priority will be given to students in the French Teachable, however students in other specializations with prior knowledge of French can be considered
    • This award will be used to improve French competency by taking language courses or to practice French language in a French learning setting, in the Spring and/or Summer between the EDUC 400s and 500s
    • Academic merit
  3. Application Details

    • Complete applications should be submitted electronically by the stated deadline, to, and should include:
      • A cover page using this template
      • A personal statement regarding prior experience with French and estimated level of French (reading, written, spoken), as well as a rationale for their desire to improve their French
      • A detailed plan for working on French competency (for example, enrolling in a summer French language program), including a summary of estimated costs
    • Successful applicants will be required to submit proof of registration as part of accepting the award
    • Successful applicants will be reimbursed approved, eligible expenses, upon completion of their proposed plan. Original receipts must be presented

Previous applicants have registered and applied for grant funding in one or more of the below learning activities. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but if you have questions about applicability of a proposed learning activity, please reach out to

  • Exam or preparation courses for DELF/DALF (for example, through Alliance Francais)
  • Continuing Education French courses
  • University-level French courses in Spring/Summer terms*
  • Study Abroad: Exchange or Group Study Programs in French language immersion

*Note: If your proposed plan includes any university-level courses, please make sure you speak with an advisor prior to registration or submission of your application


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