Police Information Checks

Police Information Checks are required of all Bachelor of Education students heading into a field experience semester.

Information for All Students

A current, clear Police Information Check (PIC), including a Vulnerable Sector search, is required of all students participating in field experience. Students are required to present their clear PIC to the Undergraduate Programs in Education (UPE) office as directed by the Field Team. There are two parts to this process: the Notice Regarding Requirement for Police Information Check and the Police Information Check itself.

Please Note: Students without a current and clear PIC will not be allowed to participate in field experience.

If obtaining a hard-copy, ensure to keep your original PIC, as you will need to present it to the principal or other designated school official at the beginning of your placement. Failure to produce a current and clear PIC is grounds for the immediate termination of the placement.

Processing for PIC can take six to twelve weeks. To avoid delays in your program, please obtain your PIC as soon as possible after the stated dates communicated below.

Note I: Please check your PIC once you receive it - you'll want to see that your PIC is clear (not something you want to discover after needing to submit it to our office)!

Note II: Please do not send hard-copy PICs to Undergraduate Programs in Education - we cannot receive or retain such papers!

Where to Obtain Your Police Information Check

  • Students Who Have Lived in Calgary for More Than 12 Months: You must arrange for a Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search through the Calgary Police Services – Police Information Check Unit. Calgary residents can obtain their PIC in-person through a Calgary Police Service (CPS) station - for locations and additional details, please refer to the Calgary Police website via Police Information Check Locations. Calgary students can also request an ePIC online.
  • Community-Based Students and Students Who Have Not Yet Moved to Calgary: You must arrange for a Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search through the nearest local police service or RCMP detachment in the area in which you currently reside. Please note that this process must be completed BEFORE the Fall semester, regardless of whether or not your field experience is taking place in the Fall and/or Winter term. You will be unable to obtain your Police Information Check in Calgary.

You will need to present your Police Information Check Letter to our Field Advising team by following the steps outlined in the following tab.

PICs must be dated AFTER July 1st, 2020 in order to be valid for the program.

All students taking 400 or 500-level Education courses in a given, upcoming academic year must submit a 'Notice Regarding Requirement for Police Information Check'. This is an acknowledgement that you are aware of the requirement to have a Police Information Check completed prior to starting your field experience. Within the notice, please note the consequences for not having a clear Police Information Check in place.

Details on how to complete the “Notice Regarding Requirement for Police Information Check” will be posted June 2021.

Students taking 400 or 500-level Education courses in an upcoming academic year will be provided with a 'Police Information Check' letter by our Field Team. You must provide this letter, in addition to your identification, to the Calgary Police Services, local police service, or RCMP to obtain your Check (see 'Requesting a Police Information Check', above). Letters are ordinarily generated and emailed to students during the Spring and Summer semesters. 

Again, checks must be dated July 1st or later, as they are valid for one year.

Clear Checks must then be presented to the Undergraduate Programs in Education office staff as is detailed below.

How to Submit your PIC

  1. Login to the Orbis portal using your usual eID credentials.
  2. Use the sidebar menu to navigate to ‘Werklund School of Education’ and ‘My Werklund Experiences’, and select the course Program Prerequisites.
  3. On the course page, scroll until you find the Police Information Check workflow. Click ‘Submit Form’ to enter the PIC Information.
  4. Enter the details of your Police Information Check and click ‘Submit’.
  5. For all PICs received outside of Calgary, you are required to sign up for a Zoom session for us to review it. Please have your PIC uploaded in order to screen share during the meeting. Click here to book your appointment and choose 'Current BEd Student - Field Experience - Community-Based Police Checks (Zoom)'. Meetings will be available throughout July and August.
  6. If you have an ePIC you are required to share the results with UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS, WERKLUND SCHOOL OF EDUCATION. Initiate this process by clicking the “Share” button beside each result document you need to share. This option, when clicked, will automatically redirect you to the Share Your Application Result.”

PICs must be submitted to the Field Team no later than September 17, 2020.

I am in the Four-Year or Concurrent pathways, and am not taking Field Experience Education courses this year. Do I need a Police Check?

Nope! You only need a Check when you are heading into your Education-specific courses.

I applied for my Check quite late, and won't have it in time for the above dates. What should I do?

Email our Field Team at upefield@ucalgary.ca to alert them to your late ePIC submission. We should see your Check by the 400 or 500-level course drop deadlines, so that we can be sure you are able to proceed into your Field Experience semester before decisions regarding course registration have to be made. If you will not make that date, please contact your Field Advisors per their contact information below.

I don't have my Check yet, but I do have my receipt - does that work?

Unfortunately not: we have to be able to note that we have seen a completed, clear Check. However, you should hold onto your receipt in case you need to follow-up on the processing of your Check.