Graduation and Career

Moving into your profession

The transition from post-secondary student to professional teacher can be daunting: that's why we have developed a number of resources and workshops to support you during your journey.

Career and Graduation Timeline

Use the dates below to start thinking about your career and graduation planning! 

Career support

Career and Certification workshops will detail next steps in your teaching journey, from submitting your application for certification, to readying your resume.

  1. Fall 2019 workshops

    Fall semester sessions cover the following:

    • Applying to graduate
    • The teacher certification process
    • The salary assessment process
    • Applying for jobs

    Fall 2019 workshops are offered as follows:


    • Wednesday, October 16th, from 2.00 - 4.00pm in AD 142, OR;
    • Wednesday, October 21st, from 1.00 - 300pm in EDC 351, OR;
    • Wednesday, October 23rd, from 1.00 - 3.00pm in AD 142 or 2.00 - 4.00pm in AD 140, OR;
    • Monday, October 28th, from 2.00 - 4.00pm in AD 142

    Find room locations using the Interactive Map.

    Community-Based Zoom

    • Wednesday, October 23rd, from 4.30 - 6.30pm
  2. Winter 2020 workshops

    500-level student Winter sessions cover the following:

    • Interview preparation
    • Resume building

    Winter 2020 workshops are offered as follows:


    • TBA

    Community-Based Zoom

    • TBA

    NEW! Career Workshops for 400-Level Winter Term Students

    Undergraduate Programs is excited to announce a series of workshops aimed at students in their Winter term 400-level courses, intended to give students an overview of what will be upcoming career-wise in their 500-levels, and what sorts of pieces to consider during Field Experience II (EDUC 465) for resumes, references, and applications.

Education Career Fair 2019: Tuesday, January 29th

Career Services hosts an annual Education Career Fair, where school boards across Canada - and internationally - attend to recruit teachers for their next academic year. This is an opportunity for you to talk to representatives from the boards, and gather information about employment opportunities.

This year's fair will take place from 10.30am until 2.30pm, in MacEwan Hall A&B. Over 60 employers and school boards from across Canada and abroad are scheduled to attend the 2019 event - our biggest Education Career Fair to date!

All students should take advantage of the below resources:

Career Services 

For appointments, click on the CareerLink Log-in to book!

You are also encouraged to make use of the great resources provided to you by your Education Students' Association (ESA).

  1. Fall topic resources

    Alberta Education: certification application information

    (Site above includes application overview, information on Interim v. Permanent certification, and re-application)

    Teacher Qualifications Service: Overview; application sample (To be updated)

    Fall workshops: PowerPoint


  2. Winter topic resources

    Resume: Sample (To be updated)

    Cover Letter: Sample (To be updated)

    Winter workshops: PowerPoint (To be updated after workshops conclude)



Graduation and certification

Once in your final year, you must ensure to submit an application for graduation through your MyUofC.

For more information about applying to graduate, the convocation ceremony, and picking up your degree, visit the Convocation Office’s site.

Please Note: You cannot be awarded your degree if you don't apply to graduate!

Students must ensure to submit their application to Alberta Education for certification. For more information, visit: Application Process.

Dean's Recommendation

Once final 500-level grades have come in, the Undergraduate Programs in Education office will audit student transcripts to ensure that all necessary certification requirements have been met, and will then electronically recommend students for certification directly to Alberta Education. The list of recommended students will also be submitted to the Alberta Teachers' Association Teacher Qualifications Service for salary assessment purposes. This generally occurs around mid-May. Students will be notified once these recommendations have been uploaded.

Dean’s Recommendation Letter

The Dean’s Recommendation Letter is an ‘interim’ document that the Undergraduate Programs in Education office can issue, should a student have a job offer that begins before Alberta Education has fully processed their certification. Generally, this covers students who have an offer of employment with a start date prior to the end of May.

We offer the Letter as an interim measure for the hiring body to confirm that a student is eligible for certification. These letters are only issued when the student has met all mandated certification requirements, including successful completion of their final Field Experience (IV).

The Letter is not required for certification. Once certification has been processed, students will not need this Letter to begin employment (Ie, Students with jobs starting in September do not require the Letter, as they will have long since received their certification).

Please Note: You cannot begin an offer of employment before you have finished all of your Bachelor of Education degree requirements.

As soon as final grades and indication of credit have been submitted for the winter semester, we will begin the process of reviewing files and issuing Recommendations for Certification.

A Second Note: All students who meet certification requirements will be recommended to Alberta Education electronically, as soon as final grades are submitted (usually, around the end of May) – students do not require a Dean's Recommendation Letter to be certified!

Again, we are unable to issue a Dean’s Recommendation Letter before confirming receipt of credit for EDUC 560.

If you require a Dean’s Recommendation Letter, you must submit the following items:

  • An offer of employment, including a start date
  • A letter of confirmation from Alberta Education that your application for teacher certification is now complete,
  • Your UCID number.

These documents must be submitted electronically, via email.

Dean’s Recommendation Letters are not issued for hiring meetings, information sessions, or other informal employment information reasons.

Please Note: Alberta Education neither requires, nor wants, the Dean’s Recommendation Letter. They only require the official Recommendation itself, which comes directly from the Undergraduate Programs in Education office.

Teaching in Other Provinces

If you complete your degree at the University of Calgary, you must first apply to Alberta Education for teacher certification in Alberta. You may then apply for certification in your desired province. It may be necessary for you to take additional coursework to meet another province's requirements: please check with individual provincial bodies.