Arts Co-Curricular Enhancement (ACE)

About ACE

About ACE

The UCalgary ACE Experience encourages (and rewards) students to pursue five different arts experiences as part of their education at the University in Calgary, in addition to their academic programs.

Collect All 5 Cards to receive your Arts Co-Curricular Enhancement (ACE) Credit

Ace of Hearts

Attend a performance as an audience member (e.g., a play, poetry slam, reading, etc.) and think about how it made you feel.

Ace of Spades

Participate in arts creation as an artist (e.g., exhibit in a student gallery, create an installation piece, participate in a flash performance, etc.) and consider your perspectives of creative work.

Ace of Diamonds

Attend or participate in an event with cultural/historical significance (e.g., Making Treaty 7, a Shakespearean play, Mexico Days film, etc.) and reflect on how it connects to you.

Ace of Clubs

Join and participate in an arts-based club, community organization, or extra-curricular class for one semester, and think about the social aspects of the arts.

Joker (Wild Card)

Another experience that relates to any of the above, or a new idea that is creative/productive (up to you!) and reflect on how it contributed to you living a creative life.

Digital Documentation

Document your arts experiences by gathering and uploading two pieces digital evidence (e.g., ticket PDFs in your name, selfies in front of event posters, playbills, gallery programmes, etc.) for each ACE.

Once you've completed all five experiences, write a 1-page response describing how the overall ACE experience enhanced your undergraduate education in some way. Hit submit and then add the experience to your Co-Curricular Record!

Arts Co-Curricular Enhancement

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