Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Take a look at the TAB Handbook, which includes details about planning your trip, finances, health and safety, and cultural adaptation.

Teaching Across Borders (TAB) takes place during your final Fall semester. The application process begins the year before:

  • After-Degree students apply in their 1st Fall semester, when they are taking their EDUC 400s
  • Concurrent students apply in their 4th Fall semester, when they are taking their EDUC 400s
  • Four-Year BEd students apply in their 3rd Fall semester
  • Community-Based students apply based on which program pathway they are in (see above)

In other words, if you are already in your final fall semester, you are not eligible to apply for TAB - be sure to apply the Fall before your final year!

Visit this page for information about the online written application. When applications are open, you can apply here.

All specializations are eligible to participate in TAB. There are numerous funding opportunities at various levels.

Yes! Concurrent and 4-year BEd students can apply for TAB in the Fall semester the year before their final year.

  • Concurrent students apply in the fourth year of their five-year combined degree
  • 4-year students apply in the third year of their degree
  • After-degree students apply in the first year of their BEd degree.

Yes! Community-Based students are also eligible. The same criteria and application dates as for on-campus students apply.

No, students must be in good standing (minimum GPA 3.0), but after that requirement is met, the GPA is not considered as a part of the selection process. 

Mathematically, yes. The more placements you choose the higher your chance. However, we are looking for suitable candidates who are prepared and committed to go to whichever placements they choose, so choose only those placements you are willing to go to.

There are several ways to fund your TAB experience:

You must take EDUC 525 and EDUC 535 in summer because in the fall they are not run as online courses. Taking them in summer lightens your load in fall to be able to do the volunteering in schools in the host country.

Yes. You are taking two courses online while abroad and then Field III counts as your third course in the Fall semester.

That depends on the placement. At each location there is a host person who will advise you regarding accommodation. In some cases it is a homestay, in others it is a student residence, apartment, or AirBnB. 

You can book your flight once the TAB Director has given you the go-ahead. This will vary by placement and is dependent upon the liaison at the partner university. In general, you will book a flight to arrive between September 1-7 and if you plan to travel on your own, you can book for earlier, provided it works with your visa, you make your own arrangements for housing and arrival at the airport, and you arrive at the host destination on the date the liaison stipulates.

You are asked to be back by a date in November to be determined based on the start of Field 3. That date will be listed in the Statement of Commitment you complete after you are placed. You will need to attend the TAB Return workshop a few days after the return-by date.

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