Literature Courses

Meeting your literature requirement

All Bachelor of Education students must present a course in English or French literature, either as a part of their degree requirements, or for the purposes of admission. Below is a list of sample courses offered by the University of Calgary that meet this requirement.

4-Year students are encouraged to connect their advisors in Education to ensure that the course they select meets degree requirements.

Concurrent students should connect with co-faculty advisors, too, to ensure that they are meeting their co-degree requirements.

The below is not a wholly comprehensive list: if a course you are hoping to take is not listed below, but you believe that it should meet the literature requirement, please email us at for a review.

After-Degree applicants with prior post-secondary education from an Alberta institution can also use the Transfer Alberta site to see if a course transfers as one of the below listed.

English literature courses

It is your responsibility to check registration requirements and restrictions.

Please Note: The Department of English has updated their courses as of the 2019/2020 academic year, and are now offering ENGL 251 and the ENGL 253 series. Both sets of courses are fine for meeting the Literature requirement. Students who previously took ENGL 201 or ENGL 205 still meet the English Literature requirement.

ENGL 203: Introductory Seminar | ENGL 251: Literature and Society | ENGL 253 Series

ENGL 302: Introduction to Contemporary Theory | ENGL 303: Theories for Reading | ENGL 305: Literature Before 1700 | ENGL 307: Literature After 1700 | ENGL 309: Literature and the Environment | ENGL 311: Shakespeare and Performance | ENGL 353: Drama - Reading and Analysis | ENGL 361: Gender and Sexuality in Literature | ENGL 372: Canadian Literature | ENGL 376: Indigenous Literatures of Turtle Island | ENGL 378: Comparative Global Literatures | ENGL 379: American Literature | ENGL 381: The History of English | ENGL 393: Speculative Fiction I - Science Fiction | ENGL 395: Speculative Fiction II - Fantasy | ENGL 396: Literature for Young People | ENGL 399: Detective Fiction

ENGL 401: Old English Language and Prose Literature | ENGL 403: Old English Poetry | ENGL 405: Middle English Literature - The Canterbury Tales | ENGL 406: Middle English Literature - Selected Works | ENGL 410: Renaissance Literature and Culture I | ENGL 411: Renaissance Literature and Culture II | ENGL 412: Early English Drama | ENGL 413: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries | ENGL 426: Selected Topics in Contemporary Theory | ENGL 429: Eighteenth-Century Poetry | ENGL 431: Restoration Voices | ENGL 438: Experiments in Early Fiction | ENGL 441: British Romanticism | ENGL 445: Early to Mid-Victorian Literature | ENGL 449: Late Victorian Literature | ENGL 451: British Literature from 1900 to 1950 | ENGL 453: British Literature since 1950 | ENGL 461: Early American Literature and the American Renaissance | ENGL 463: American Literature from the Late 1800s to the Mid-1900s | ENGL 465: American Literature since the Mid-1990s | ENGL 471: Canadian Literature from its Origins to 1950 | ENGL 472: Advanced Studies in Young Adult Literature | ENGL 473: Canadian Literature since 1950 | ENGL 477: Literature and Science | ENGL 481: Literature Theory Pre-1900 | ENGL 486: Advanced Studies in Literature and the Environment | ENGL 487: Advanced Studies in Children's Literature | ENGL 491: Advanced Studies in Global Literatures | ENGL 493: Global Indigenous Literatures | ENGL 499: Topics in a Selected Author

ENGL 508: Advanced Topics in a Literary Genre | ENGL 509: Advanced Topics in Canadian Literature | ENGL 515: Advanced Topics in Global/Indigenous Contexts | ENGL 517: Advanced Topics in Theoretical and Cultural Studies | ENGL 519: Advanced Topics in a Historical Topic | ENGL 525: Advanced Topics  in a National or Transnational Literature | ENGL 527: Advanced Topics in a Selected Author

French literature courses

It is your responsibility to check registration requirements and restrictions.

FREN 339: Concepts littéraires | FREN 353: Histoire littéraire | FREN 399: Langue française, littérature et culture, matières variées

FREN 439: Le Canada francophone | FREN 449: Littératures francophones  | FREN 453: Littérature du moyen-Âge et de la Renaissance | FREN 455: Littérature du 17e siècle | FREN 457: Littérature du 18e siècle | FREN 459: Littérature du 19e siècle | FREN 463: Littérature des 20e-21e siècles | FREN 499: Langue française, littérature et culture II, matières variées

FREN 511: Théories critiques, domaines variés | FREN 565: Étude spécialisée de littérature française | FREN 599: Études spécialisées de la langue, de la littérature ou de la culture

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