Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) Literacy Tutors

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) Literacy Tutors

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) Literacy Tutors

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) provides an opportunity for adults with disabilities to realize an authentic university experience, from both an academic and a social perspective, over a 4-5 year period. We currently support students at the University of Calgary and St. Mary's University. Students audit classes within their chosen academic themes, while our Educational Facilitators modify the related curriculum in order to provide personalized, life-applicable learning. Throughout this process, our Educational Facilitators also liaise with professors and assist students in accessing every aspect of university life. We embrace a flexible, collaborative, dynamic, diverse working environment. We strive to be pioneers in the field of inclusive post-secondary education.

As Literacy Tutors, participating pre-service teachers will work with IPSE's Educational Facilitators to provide individualized literacy tutoring to students between October and March. Participants will create, plan, and lead literacy-based lessons, supporting IPSE's mission and enhancing students' university experience.


Students currently taking their EDUC 400 or 500 courses


Participants will create and deliver literacy-based lessons for the student they are paired with on an ongoing basis.


Fall: 1 hour/week from October to December. Specific dates and times will be set based on student/program schedules.

Winter: 1 hour/week from January to March. Specific dates and times will be set based on student/program schedules


In-person on the University of Calgary main campus or St. Mary's University campus

Literacy Tutor Logistics

Additional Information

  • One-to-one adult literacy program
  • Age of Participants: Young Adults (17+)
  • Program Locations: University of Calgary main campus
  • Pre-service teachers will participate in a 30-minute Werklund orientation session in early  October to get more information about the service-learning program and related logistics.
  • Participants will also attend a 2-hour orientation session in November, followed by a training session mid-November. The orientation and training sessions will introduce participants to IPSE's philosophy and values, as well as a schedule and structure for facilitating literacy sessions.
  • Pre-service teachers will be paired with a current IPSE student for the duration of their placement, and work with IPSE staff and the student to identify how best to meet the students' individualized learning needs.
  • Participants will create and deliver literacy-based lessons for the student they are paired with on an ongoing basis. Content of lessons will be determined in collaboration with the student and the Educational Facilitator they work with.


  • Pre-service teachers need a current Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (issued after July 1, 2021). Students who do not already have a police check should begin this process at their local police station as soon as possible, as police checks often take 4-6 weeks to process.
  • Participants will be required to sign an Oath of Confidentiality during their training session with IPSE.
  • After applying, participants will participate in a brief interview with the IPSE team to determine best bit for both pre-service teacher and the IPSE program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a variety of facilitation strategies to encourage discussion, generate ideas, and build consensus
  • Design and implement a variety of activities that meet students’ interests and learning needs 
  • Evaluate successes and setbacks as part of ongoing professional development
  • Examine a variety of approaches to teaching and learning in non-traditional educational settings
  • Examine how programming fosters inclusion and personal growth

Werklund Dates and Times

FALL 2023 (Application is now closed.)

  • Werklund Fall 2023 Wrap-Up Session: Friday, December 8, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Zoom)
  • Fall 2023 Placements End: mid-December


  • Winter 2024 application will open on November 20, 2024.
  • Werklund Winter 2024 Orientation: Monday, December 11, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Zoom) 
  • Winter 2024 Placements Start: early January (program dependent)
  • Werklund Winter 2024 Check-In Session: Monday, January 29 at
    • 9:30 am - 10:30 am (in-person) or
    • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (Zoom)
  • Werklund Winter 2024 Wrap-Up Session: Tuesday, March 12, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Zoom)
  • Winter 2024 Placements End: mid-March (program dependent)

IPSE Dates and Times

  • IPSE Interview: TBD
  • IPSE Orientation & Training: TBD between the volunteer and facilitator
  • Literacy Lessons: 1 hour/week from November to March

Specific dates and times will be based on student/program schedules. Schedules can be flexible in terms of hours as IPSE students could potentially do a combination of in person or online meetings with the Tutors.

In total, pre-service teachers agree to commit to a minimum of 25 hours for their service-learning experience.

Making Connections

  • Throughout the semester, pre-service teachers will curate their volunteering experiences using a creative medium (e.g., photos, art, storyboarding, videos, etc.) that best reflects their experiences in the program. Your creative reflections will form part of a public showcase of Werklund student experiences later in the year.
  • Pre-service teachers will participate in 2 group meetings: one at the mid-point and another at the end of their placement (1 hour each). These group meetings provide pre-service teachers with opportunities to reflect on the community placement experience and to guide improvements for the program.

Service-Learning group

Winter 2024 applications are now closed.

Interested in applying for a future semester?

  1. Log on to Elevate and go to My Werklund Experiences > Courses/Programs
  2. Find the Service-Learning program and click Apply
  3. Complete the Service-Learning Application

Download an application guide here.

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