Placements in Australia

Placements in Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Partner Institution: Queensland University of Technology

Placement Highlights

In past years, Brisbane students have been placed in two private schools, spending part of their TAB time in each school. These slightly longer placements give students the opportunity to get to know the teachers and students in each community, as well as their approaches to teaching and learning. Brisbane usually has a school holiday at the end of September - activities during this holiday have varied from year to year.


Options vary. In the past, students have used AirBnB's in central Brisbane so that they can travel to their schools more easily. Reliable high speed internet is an important look-for.

Documentation Required

Passport required for all travel. Passport must have validity at least 6 months beyond date of return travel.

Visa requirements are specific to each country. Student and other visas might be required for entry and specified permits required if travel over 90 days.

Applicants must verify the Check Travel Advice and Advisories for each country, including documents and visas applications required before departure.

Estimated Costs

Approx: $7000-$8000

Costs are determined by varying prices for airfare, accommodations, food, local travel and excursions, and personal preferences. It is expected that applicants will complete a travel budget for the respective travel abroad country, keeping in mind travel contingency funds, exchange, and cost of living rates.

Budget planning worksheets and TAB information sessions in the Fall are available to assist applicants in preparing a personal travel budget.

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