K-12 Online Tutors

Online Tutoring for Fall 2020

The Werklund School of Education is proud to enhance learning by coordinating online volunteer tutors for K-12 students in need of extra support this year. If your child would benefit from additional academic support - including reading sessions, subject-specific tutoring, or general study - we'll match you with a preservice teacher in Werklund's BEd program who can support your child based on their subject area(s), grade level(s), and areas of expertise.

Tutors will provide individualized support, and draw on the Alberta Programs of Study as well as content knowledge and strategies in teaching and learning. This is a great way to support your child's academic success while also developing our preservice teachers' skills as educators.

Please Note: Requests for our Fall tutoring session opened in September. Families who receive a match will begin working with their tutors in October. If you have questions, please connect with us.

Thank you for your interest in our program. At this time, we have reached capacity and we have closed the Fall 2020 tutoring requests. 


For students in Kindergarten to Grade 12

Working with a preservice teacher in the BEd program


Free online tutoring based on student needs

1-3 hours per week


High School tutoring runs October - January

Elementary/Middle/Junior High tutoring runs
October - December


Tutoring formats are flexible based on your needs (e.g. via webcam, email, or phone)

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to connect in the ways open to us. As tutors, our preservice teachers are supporting students and their families as they engage with a new educational landscape. It is just another example of the incredible partnerships that exist between the University of Calgary and the community it serves.

Dr. Amy Burns

PhD, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs in Education

She gave him opportunities to share his learning, his interests and always tried to find different ways to engage him. Her preparation for each class was impressive, taking so much time and effort to put together material that would be appropriate to his age and learning stage. She was always willing to meet him where he was, adjust her lesson plan if his inquisition took them down a different path, researching new ideas together.

Parent Feedback, Spring 2020

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Our tutor was just wonderful. She was warm, articulate and our daughter learned so much from her. She also sent us the best email feedback we have ever received from a teacher on her work with our daughter and some areas for us as parents to help her. She is going into Grade 11 with much more confidence and knowledge in Math and Science due to a terrific tutor and this program. Thank you so much!

Parent Feedback, Spring 2020