Partner Teacher: Expression of Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in supporting Field Experience! 


The Partner Teacher: Expression of Interest Form is now open for 2024-2025!

The Partner Teacher is the classroom teacher who works closely with Pre-service Teacher(s), opens their professional life to the Pre-service Teacher, and very gradually increases the Pre-service Teacher’s involvement in classroom curriculum, learning, and activities. 

To express your interest and support, we invite Calgary area principals, school liaisons and teachers to complete this form. If you are a teacher, please confirm your Principal supports your expression of interest before submitting this form. After this form is submitted, we will add you to our Partner Teacher roster. 

Key dates: 
  • If we have matched you with a Field Experience III/IV pre-service teacher, we will let you know in October.
  • If we have matched you with a pair of Field Experience II pre-service teachers, we will let you know in February.
After you are added to our Partner Teacher Roster:
  • The UPE Field Experience team will connect with a number of times throughout the year. When you are serving as a Partner Teacher, you will also be in regular contact with the Field Instructor allocated to your pre-service teacher. 
Placement Policies to note:
  • Our placements require the full support of the Partner Teacher, School Principal and School Board.
  • Not all teachers are matched with a pre-service teacher. We are not always able to find a suitable match for all our placements and partner teachers. Please know we will do our very best – we are very thankful so many Partner Teachers are interested in mentoring a pre-service teacher from the Werklund School of Education.
For more information:
Please confirm you are in Calgary or a surrounding community
This form is intended to collect information from Teachers, Principals and School Liaisons in Calgary and Area. This includes school divisions in and around the City of Calgary. 

Geographically, Calgary & Area includes: Airdrie, Beiseker, Blakie, Bragg Creek, Calgary, Cayley, Chestermere, Cochrane, Crossfield, Diamond Valley, Heritage Heights, High River, Indus, Kathyrn, Langdon, Longview, Millarville, Okotoks, Red Deer Lake, Springbank, and Strathmore. 

If you are not in Calgary & Area, please do not complete this form.

Our Community-Based placements are coordinated through the School District. If you are interested in serving as a Partner Teacher, we encourage you to express your interest in serving as a Partner Teacher to your Principal, who should share this information with your School District.

Your Details
School Administration Support
Please list the interested teachers (name, email and teaching assignment details). We will reach out to them later on to confirm the details.
  • Language of instruction
  • Field Experience preference: Field II and/or Field Experience III&IV
  • Other considerations and details we should be aware of during the placement process
Students are placed as cohorts to observe the school as a whole under the guidance of the Field Experience Liaison. No individual Partner Teachers are assigned or required.

The focus of Field Experience I is to document the lives and cultures of students, teachers and schools using ethnographic field notes.  Preservice Teachers will be expected to assist as much as possible, at the discretion of the Partner Teacher.

To learn more, please visit: 

Teaching Assignment Details
Please provide your anticipated teaching assignment details. We will reach out if we need more information!
Please briefly describe your anticipated teaching assignment, including:
  • Subject(s) taught
  • Grade(s) taught
  • Language of Instruction
This comments section is visible to to students and school administrators during our placement process. Please do not include any special requests in this section. 
These general categories help us sort and record our field experience placements. Don't worry - we will carefully review your teaching assignment description and notes during the placement process. 
Our placements are only made with the full support of the Partner Teacher, School Principal / School Administration team and School District.