Partner Teacher: Expression of Interest Form

Thank you for your support!

The Partner Teacher is the classroom teacher who works closely with Pre-service Teacher(s), opens their professional life to the Pre-service Teacher, and very gradually increases the Pre-service Teacher’s involvement in classroom curriculum, learning, and activities.

This form is an expression of interest. Please speak with your Principal / School Liaison. We require the full support of the Partner Teacher, School Principal, Liaisons and School District. Before we place a Pre-service Teacher with you, we confirm your teaching assignment details with you and your school administration team. 

Please confirm your role
Please confirm you are in Calgary & Area

This form is intended to collect information from Teachers, Principals and School Liaisons in Calgary and Area. This includes school divisions in and around the City of Calgary. 

If you are not in Calgary & Area, please do not complete this form.

Our Community-Based placements are coordinated through the School District. If you are interested in serving as a Partner Teacher, we encourage you to express your interest in serving as a Partner Teacher to your Principal, who should share this information with your School District.
Please provide the full name of your school.
Thank you for your support!

Please provide the following details for each interested Partner Teacher: 
  • Name
  • Email
  • Anticipated grade(s) taught
  • Anticipated subject(s) taught
  • Teaching language
  • Other considerations i.e. Team teacher, etc. 
  • Preferred Field Experience(s): 
    • Field III/IV - Final Year Pre-Service Teacher, Nov-Dec & Feb-Apr
    • Field II - First year pre-service teacher, Mar-Apr
Primary Teaching Subject
This helps us categorize and record your teaching assignment in our database. Below we ask you to provide more detail! 
This information helps us during the matching process.

We encourage all teachers to add their names to our roster.

Our placements are based on pre-service teacher suitability, availability, teaching specialization, pathway, program, interests, eligibility, commute times AND partner teacher teaching subject, grades, school location, and eligibility! 
Please briefly describe your anticipated teaching assignment, including:
  • Subject(s) taught
  • Grade(s) taught
  • Language of Instruction
  • Other considerations

Including more about your teaching assignment details is very helpful! For example ... "I teach 50% humanities - grade 8, 25% english language arts - grade 7 / 25% art - grade 7 ... all in English" helps us make the best possible match!  

Interested in Field Experience III & IV?
Field Experience III/IV (Final year pre-service teacher, Nov-Dec and Feb-Apr, 14 weeks total)
Interested in Field Experience II?
Field Experience II (first year pre-service teacher, Mar-Apr, 4 weeks total). We prefer to match a pair of pre-service teachers with one partner teacher if possible. 
We invite you to note any considerations or additional details here. Thank you in advance!