Werklund K-12 Tutoring Program

Become a Tutor

Applications for Fall 2021 will begin in September!

The Werklund School of Education is proud to enhance learning by coordinating online volunteer tutors for K-12 students in need of extra support this year. We'll match you with a family in the community whose child needs support based on their subject area(s), grade level(s), and areas of expertise.

Tutors will provide individualized support, and draw on the Alberta Programs of Study as well as content knowledge and strategies in teaching and learning. This is a great way to develop your skills as educators.

Tutors will begin working with their families in October. If you have questions, please connect with us.


For students who are currently completing or have completed Field 1

Virtually working with K-12 students in the community


Free online tutoring based on student needs

1-3 hours per week per student

This includes instruction and preparation time.


K-12 tutoring runs

Fall: October to January

Winter: February to April

Spring: May to June


Tutoring formats are virtual and flexible based on your needs and the needs of the family (e.g. via webcam, email, or phone)

A pandemic is a challenge, but can turn into unexpected opportunities as well. The work and expertise from our tutor and your school have proven it beyond the shed of doubt.

Parent Feedback Summer 2020

Questions? Connect with us at service.learning@ucalgary.ca