Two-Year Community-Based Bachelor of Education After-Degree

Your community-based after-degree pathway

This pathway will see you obtain your degree while remaining in your home community for the majority of your studies, and gaining teaching experience in your local community through your Field Experience practicum placements.

Important dates and upcoming events

Program sequence

Summer term courses will take place on-campus, during a two-week intensive in July. Fall and winter term courses will be offered via distance, or involve your in-classroom field experiences, in your home community.

Year 1 - Summer

EDUC 427 | EDUC 460

Year 1 - Fall

EDUC 420 | EDUC 430 | EDUC 435 | EDUC 440 (Field I)

Year 1 - Winter

EDUC 445 | EDUC 450 | EDUC 456 | EDUC 465 (Field II)

Year 2 - Summer

EDUC 525 | EDUC 535

Year 2 - Fall*

EDUC 521 | EDUC 530 | EDUC 540 (Field III)

*Opportunity to participate in Teaching Across Borders

Year 2 - Winter

EDUC 551 | EDUC 556 | EDUC 56X Series | EDUC 560

Students Studying

Creating Community

"The time I spent on campus was really amazing. It brought me back into the student mindset and really set the pace for what the whole year was going to look like. It was also nice to be able to meet my fellow classmates and be able to put faces to names."

 - Alexandra Crevier, BEd graduate


Registration at UofC

The Registrar's Office has great 'how-to' registration tutorials and resources.

Learn more about how to register

EDUC Registration Guide

Beyond the program sequence, above, you'll want to take a look at our detailed Registration Guide.

Visit the Guide

Program expectations


All University of Calgary students must use their accounts for any and all University of Calgary or degree-related correspondence. Email will not be sent to personal accounts.

You must additionally ensure to include your eight-digit UCID number in all correspondence.

Non-Standard Scheduling

Please note that Education courses are scheduled with 'non-standard' dates and times, and may differ from those semester timelines that you are used to in your non-Education courses. You should anticipate courses or field experiences that run outside of regular semester dates.

Synchronous Sessions

Your Fall and Winter Education courses are paced - and do have deadlines - as well as ‘digital classroom’ components. Classroom sessions are known as ‘synchronous sessions’, in which your class will connect simultaneously via the Zoom conferencing platform.

Classes usually have around four synchronous sessions per semester, often scheduled for around 4.30pm or later. You should refer to the Zoom schedule via your Registration Guide for more information.

Student Information

As a student in professional program, it is your responsibility to thoroughly review and abide by the information contained in the following pages:

Summer on Campus

Summer Orientation

Each July, our Community-Based students join us on campus for Summer term courses, orientation activities, and to connect. Visit our orientation site for details on dates, sessions, and more!

Community-Based Orientation


Fee breakdown

Tuition for all Bachelor of Education programs is assessed as it is in other undergraduate programs: on a course by course basis. We've also collated a number of resources specifically for Community-Based students.


Enhance your degree

Get involved with our amazing experiential learning opportunities, from Service-Learning to Teaching Across Borders, Mentorship and more!


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